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How to organize and store old paper photos other than in photo albums or digitally?

I have over 40 years of PAPER family photos I want to keep, organize and store. I want to somehow organize them where I will be able to find a particular photo fairly easily, but don't know how to begin? Are there typical categories most people have found to be useful when years and events are unknown? I don't want to store them in photo albums or digitally. The only other storage method I know of is photo storage boxes. Are there other systems I may not know of? Thanks for your help!


Erath County Texas about 4 years ago

Dead flying bugs on windowsill

Hi! I came home and noticed these dead bugs on my windowsill in my bedroom. There were about 50 or more dead on the sill. I live in an apartment and there were about 5 on the sill in the living room. They are all dead, I have never seen them before today (I even cleaned yesterday, which involved dusting the windowsill!) I am very confused and maintenance is out for the weekend. Can anyone identify what they are, why they are dead, why I have never seen one alive, and why there are so many? Thank you!!


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Erath County Texas almost 5 years ago

Master Gardener Certification

Good morning. I am interesting in potentially becoming a Texas Master Gardener, but my county does not off the certification. I live in Erath county. How would I go about getting into the program? How much does it cost? Can I complete it during the summer? (I am a teacher)
Thank you!
Casey Keith


Erath County Texas almost 4 years ago

Hightower Yaupons

What are the characteristics of the Hightower Yaupon compared to other yaupon varieties?


Erath County Texas almost 5 years ago

bacillus thurigiensis vs. bees

I was wondering if bacillus thurigiensis is harmful to bees. I have recently become a bee keeper and didnt know if the mosquito dunks that I use to kill mosquito larva would affect my bee larva.


Erath County Texas almost 6 years ago

Strawberry pests

My strawberry plants have little white dots on some of the leaves which seems to be killing the plant. I'm assuming they are some type of egg layed by a pest. These "eggs" are slightly bigger than the period symbol on a computer keyboard. What is this and what can I do. I am in Texas and it has been very wet before these white dots formed. Now it is dry.


Erath County Texas almost 4 years ago


this ivy has bulbs on its roots and is very hard to remove


Erath County Texas about 1 year ago

Brush Control - Mesquite

At the last AG Life Workshop, The Aggie Prof mentioned a newly available poison for mesquite that did not have the toxic effects of Diesel and Remedy. In fact , it could be bought without a license. I have searched my notes and cannot locate the name of this miracle pesticide. The Prof had done extensive field testing of the product. Please - What is it?


Erath County Texas almost 7 years ago

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