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soil organisms-vegetable Garden

I am sterilizing all the soil in raised beds. Nematode issues. Holding temperature 120° to 180° for 24 hours. This should get rid of nematodes. Will this temperature kill the good beneficial organisms? If so, how to replace them. If not, what needs to be added to give what is still alive a jump start.


El Paso County Texas over 7 years ago

Mosquitoes and evaporative coolers

Can mosquitoes breed in a evaporative cooler that is being used daily?


El Paso County Texas over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

I have this plant that has grown out of control in my yard, I would like to know if it's poisonous since I have children or edible as I do have a gaurden, so if it is edidble it be a nice addition to my garden.


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El Paso County Texas over 3 years ago

Silverleaf nightshade

What works best to kill these?


El Paso County Texas almost 5 years ago

Native Seed Mix for El Paso, TX for revegation and erosion control

I'm a landscape architect in Tucson, AZ. I'm very familiar with our local native seed mixes for our region for use in revegation and erosion control. I'm working on a project in El Paso, TX and I'm developing a native seed mix for a project near the Franklin Mtns. Can anyone provide me additional information on successful native seed mixes used in this region? I imagine it could be similar to a Tucson mix... Also, we typically apply the seed in a hydroseed slurry with tackifing agents, wood fiber mulch, etc.. Any information on local seeding application methods would also be appreciated.
Thank you,


El Paso County Texas over 6 years ago

Goatheads ( huge grassburs)

I live in El Paso, Texas. We have grassburs called goatheads and they are huge. I recently planted 2 lemon, 1 grapefruit, and 1 avocado tree. When I water the trees, the goatheads take over instead of grass. How do I fertilize the fruit trees without building a sticker patch? Can I use Weed & Feed under the trees to fertilize them and possibly kill the goatheads or will it harm my trees?


El Paso County Texas about 3 years ago

use of alfalfa as feed for poultry

I've been reading Poultry magazine and have come to the conclusion why don't growers feed alfalfa to growing chickens to keep them healthier without so many antibiotics ?


El Paso County Texas about 4 years ago


took course on July 7, 2014 Already paid and completed course title(ID):part 1- Transporting Children Safely in Child care (146). How can I print my certificate? I need my Certificate ID# Please.


El Paso County Texas almost 6 years ago

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