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What kind is it ?

I have a plant i got as a gift and I dont know what kind it is,please help



Ellis County TX about 3 years ago

How to reduce weeds in landscaping

I live in Midlothian, Texas. I have 2 large landscaping areas with flowers and plants in them, most of the area is in full sun. Both have crushed granite on the surface. One area has no landscape fabric and the other one does. It makes no difference as to the large amount of weeds I get in both beds. What can I do to eliminate or slow down the weed production? It seems like the majority of them are coming from the top of the landscape as opposed to below. My neighbor has a field right next to us where he plants wheat. Please help, it took me 11 hours and 3 days to get all the weeds pulled from both areas this week.


Ellis County TX about 3 years ago

horse suddenly quits eating

one of my horses did not come with the rest of them to fence to be fed.She stood out in pasture,seemed listless.I called her and she came,but would not eat,than imidiately went back down to pasture and just stood there.She was not limping,no sign of injury anywhere,no sweating or restlessness,just seemed lethargic.Same feed she has always had.There are horse apples,could this be the cause.Last night she was fine,came running to the fence at feed time. I read about Potomac disease in horses and found out fresh water snails can cause it.I have thousands of them on my property around damp ground and water.Horses drink out of a three hundred gallon livestock container so is it possible they have this and if this mare does have it would it have affected her so quickly.Less than twentyfour hours ago she was eating like her normal pig self,running etc.,tonight,a totally different horse.


Ellis County TX over 1 year ago

Heat zone

What is the heat zone for Ellis county?


Ellis County TX horticulture over 5 years ago

methley dropped flowers

as plums set fruit on last years buds, and a late freeze this year dropped all the flowers...am I right to assume I have to wait another year for fruit?


Ellis County TX trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables about 5 years ago

Cold Wheater

Can the Aristida purpurea take the cold wheater, if so how do I protect it?


Ellis County TX horticulture over 3 years ago

Plant name?

I inherited a plant from my mother but my family doesn't remember the name of it. It seems tropical and needs sunlight, lots of water and humidity


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Ellis County TX plant identification horticulture over 3 years ago

Peach , pear?

The people we bought land from says it is a fruit tree that stopped producing



Ellis County TX about 3 years ago

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