Edwards County, Texas

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Ground cover for recent disturbed dozer area

Dry, hilly mountaintop, Edwards county ranch. Perennial, friendly to deer, turkey quail ok. To to cover large areas of black soil mixed with limestone rocks. Trying to cover mud with grasses, wild flowers.


Edwards County TX about 5 years ago

Water assistance

Edwards Co/Rocksprings,Tx is fighting a 10-15,000 acre fire. Native animals are looking for water on our 265 ac. Is there any assistance from Texas A@M Extension Service for water troughs etc


Edwards County TX almost 5 years ago

Controlling whorehound under live oaks

I have several large oak trees that were historically near animal pens and are now in my yard near my house. I have never been able to get rid of the horehound underneath these oaks by mowing and pulling. I am afraid to use herbicides unless I can be sure I won't damage the oaks. Several have recommended Roundup or 2-4D, but I'm not sure. Can you recommend a treatment?


Edwards County TX over 5 years ago

What is this tree?

This tree grows in Rocksprings Texas in town behind the Courthouse Annex. I have heard several different ideas. Could you please let tell me the scientific and common name?


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Edwards County TX almost 7 years ago

Cactus Moth

I just read an article in the Houston Chronicle Apr 24, 2011 about a moth that attacks prickly pear cactus.
The article states there is a market for this cactus, and the moth must be eliminated. I have a ranch in Edwards County that has such an abundance we are planning on using a herbacide to control. If there is a market, please advise. If not, I would like to introduce the moth to our ranch. Would this be legal?
where can I get some of these moths?
Joe Laughlin


Edwards County TX almost 6 years ago

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