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mystery plant, What is it??

I have a volunteer mystery plant in my garden. At first I thought it was a sunflower. I is now almost 12 ft. tall and has not made a sunflower head but has the making of blossoms or berries. I have searched the web to see what it is with no luck. Maybe you folks can help. Thank you, Please see attached pictures.

Harold (Pete) Praznik

3500 Meade St

Denver, CO 80211

c = 303-842-0669

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Denver County Colorado 8 months ago

roses problem

I am not sure what's wrong with my roses. Everytime I cut the branch dies. The stems are splitting. Not sure why. Finally, not sure it the leaf damage is from neem oil or dicanil or something else. Seems like my engrid burgman, perfume delight, tea rose bush and red climber all have the issues

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Denver County Colorado 8 months ago

Bright rust spots

I ma seeing my rose bush leaves curling up and dying upon further investigation there are bright rust spots on the leaves. What to do??

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Denver County Colorado 10 months ago

Rooting Ivy

I have tried twice to root ivy. Both times leaves began turning black and died. Attached is a pic of the latest try. I am using organic soil. I did use a rooting hormone. In the previous tries, I used a plant fertilizer. Thinking that was causing the starts to fail, I used no fertilizer with those in the pic. Starts are contained in a plastic, lidded container, sprayed every other day and are under grow lights for approximately 10 hours per day, at 60-65 degrees. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Denver County Colorado about 1 year ago

Identify this bug

Found this little guy on our carpet. I almost mistook it for some thread off of a black garment. I'm wondering if anyone can identify it. Thank you.


Denver County Colorado over 1 year ago

2019 showing

We were curious if the same rabbit can be entered in the same categories the following year

Denver County Colorado over 1 year ago

What happened to your site?

I haven't logged on in some time, but I used to find the CSU Extension service site quite useful. However, the site design you have today makes it difficult to find anything. No offense intended to your designer -- it looks nice -- but for me at least is much less useful than before.

Denver County Colorado over 2 years ago

carpenter ants

There are carpenter ants eating away at my big, healthy-looking 50 year old Linden tree. The Swingle tree company told me they will not kill the tree. I'd like to verify with your experts that this is true .and I'm interested in what I can do to get rid of the ants.

Thank you for your help.

Nancy Graham

Denver County Colorado over 2 years ago

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