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Japanese Beetle contril

We discovered dusting with diatomaceous earth controls Japanese Beetles. They are gone in a day.

Denver County CO 5 months ago

Tilted pine tree?

Hi - we moved into this house 2 years ago with 3 50ft pine trees in the front. One of the pines is significantly tilted to one side , i have not trimmed it but it has all the large/heavy limbs on the side it is tilted, the other side has very few limbs at all(not sure If precious owner trimmed because they got in way of other pine trees). Anything suggested for this tilted pine? Cut off a few larger limbs to reduce the weight on the side it is tilted to? Thank You

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Denver County CO 5 months ago

catalpa dying?

I have a 5-year-old northern catalpa tree that is browning and I don't know what is wrong with it. I hate to lose it and I'd like to know what is wrong with it and what if anything I can do about it.
Not far down the street is a catalpa that looks quite healthy so doubt it's the environment.
(photos attached)

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Denver County CO 6 months ago

Is it a Tomato Plant Virus?

Hello! Earlier this week I noticed a few of the tomatoes on one of my San Marzano plants were staying small and going from green to a blotchy brown. Aside from some blossom end rot most of the other tomatoes on the plant are growing and starting to ripen. I have had a decent amount of leaf curl on both San Marzano plants but since it's been hot here in Denver I figured it was just the plant coping with the heat. I was thinking/hoping maybe the branch had some damage. But now some of the fruits on other branches are starting to look off and in looking closer some of the leaves look discolored. Attached are pictures of what I'm seeing. Thoughts on what might be wrong and what I should do would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Megan

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Denver County CO 6 months ago

Top of 3 30' to 40' long needled pines dying out (rust orange color)

I do not know the name of the tree. I bought them at Home depot 15 years ago.
5 needle clumps, 2" to 5" long they are like a Soft Brush.
Branches extend from the trunk like spokes of a wheel, in tiers, rather than sporadically or randomly .
Branches are very horizontal not upward angled.
A fairly smooth Whitish grey trunk.
Lower branches seem very healthy, but the top 3 1/2 feet are dead. The near by:Blue spruce and scotch pine, Ponderosa pine and Austrian Pine all look very healthy.

Can you help me?

Thanks, Timothy White

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Denver County CO 7 months ago

Cucumber issue

Any chance you can tell me what is happening to this cucumber plant. Not sure if a virus or the new soil mix we used is deficient in iron? Thanks.


Denver County CO 7 months ago

Marigold New Foliage Curling & Deformed

Hello: I planted some marigolds from seed this year. Almost all of the seeds I planted germinated and I divided them into separate pots. Suddenly some of the new foliage on the plants has started to curl and become deformed. I’ve never run into this before. Can you help?


Denver County CO 7 months ago

Planting squash near each other

If I plant c pepo near c. Maxima, or c moschata-, will they cross and make frankensquash? How far apart must I plant different varieties of c pepo? Is it only the seeds that will make weird offspring next year, or will this year's produce be weird too?

Ex, tromboncino, which I hear is c moschata-, by a patty pan. Or red kuri w a spaghetti sq, both sprawling, but not the same species..

Denver County CO 8 months ago

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