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How to keep a fish pond clean & oxygenated

I have a fish pond that is 80' x 80' and slopes down to 16' deep. Can you give me some ideas on how to keep oxygen in the water for the fish and keep the water cleaner? I currently have a stream that is recycling the water thru some homemade filters to get the large particles out of the water and thru 1" & 2" river rock to help clean & oxygenate the water. I also have the water being jetted into the air and falling back into the pond. What type of plants could I put in the water to help keep it clean and oxygenated? Any and all ideas are welcomed. Fred Phillips 432-967-8949


Ector County Texas almost 6 years ago

Got bit in bed! What is this spider?

I got bit in my armpit by a spider twice in bed. It stung a lot at first and now doesn't.


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Ector County Texas almost 3 years ago

Apricot revived

Do apricot trees ever yield fruit after a period of not producing?


Ector County Texas about 2 years ago

Railroad cross ties

How long until they are safe for raised vegetable beds?


Ector County Texas over 1 year ago


I am expecting my first hive in Spring of 2016. I have read and watched and researched. Is there a person I can mentor with in the Odessa/Midland area?


Ector County Texas almost 5 years ago

Peach Tree

I pruned the tree in February of this year. Now I have excessive growth and the leaves are covering the peaches. I think peaches need sunlight. So my question is, Should my peach tree leaves be thinned?


Ector County Texas about 5 years ago

Research on Thrivefeed

Has Thrivefeed been included in any of the Agrilife feed performance studies for horses? Is it an extruded feed?


Ector County Texas over 4 years ago

Plant ID

Please identify this plant for me


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Ector County Texas almost 4 years ago

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