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Personal Greenhouse Vegetable Garden in Texas

I need a source, book or periodical for the know how for personal greenhouse vegetable growing in Texas.


Eastland County TX almost 7 years ago

Soil testing

I live in eastland county and I wouldn't like o have a soil sample done. How can I go about this locally?


Eastland County TX almost 6 years ago

killing prickly pear with Surmount

What time of year is best to apply Surmount to kill prickly pear?


Eastland County TX almost 5 years ago

Red Oak defoliation

Our surrounding area has beautiful oak trees and we are experiencing foliage loss on three of our trees. We were told that it is oak wilt. We do not understand why our yard is the only one in the area that seems to be losing trees. Could it be anything else why our trees are dying?


Eastland County TX almost 4 years ago


We own land that once had a fully irrigated catfish farm. Any thoughts on raising sturgeon in Eastland, Texas? We know the growth rate....but are looking to make a long-term investment.


Eastland County TX over 6 years ago

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