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Using dry or liquid fertilizer.

I am wondering whether or not to use dry or liquid fertilizer on my two fields of 25/14 acres. They have been maintained and fertilized in the past. Thank you. Kathy Kilgore Cuero,TX


DeWitt County Texas about 4 years ago

hardy grass that can resist dichondria elimination procedures

Hi -- I have a St Augustine lawn in a partially shaded (about 50% shade/50% sun) yard. Dichondria has taken over about 1/3 of the yard and is spreading rapidly. To say my husband does not like the dichondria is a gross understatement. I've been cautioned against using a broadleaf weed killer to destroy the dichondria as the weed killer may also severely weaken the St. Augustine. Should I use weed killer on the dichondria then overseed my backyard with a hardier grass that can stand up to weed-killer or is there a hardy grass that will choke out dichondria? We're on a greenbelt and will likely have more dichondria as the greenbelt is also full of the pesky weed. Under these circumstances, can you recommend a strategy and/or a grass for a part shade backyard in North Dallas that can stand up to dichondria abatement treatments? Maybe zoysia or (bleh) Bermuda grass? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you -- Kathleen


DeWitt County Texas about 6 years ago

dig up or cut down?

i have some very pretty young live oaks(3/4" to 2" diameter) growing around and near(less than two feet from)my mature trees(2-3 ft. diameter).Can I even attempt to dig these up to transplant,or will I be doing more damage to the old trees,and should I just cut the saplings down.


DeWitt County Texas over 5 years ago

Nut grass

I have feral hogs that go after nut grass in my pasture and fields and the nut on the root is what they are after. They root deep holes in wide widths causing extensive damage. What can I do to get rid of this grass because no matter how many of the hogs that you kill or trap they keep coming back. Thanks for the help!!


DeWitt County Texas almost 4 years ago

Top branches broke off

During hurricane one of my topiary juniper trees had branches on top broke off by a large tree of neighbors falling onto it . How can I make sure it doesn't die & how to make sure new branches grow also will it help to put some kind of bark spray on open parts of trunk on top part of topiary Thanks, Michelle Stehle Garcia P.S will probably help with picture of it not home at the time


DeWitt County Texas over 2 years ago


Pecos Buffalo grass. How well does it produce in DeWitt County. What is the quality of the grass
How much hay will it produce per acre


DeWitt County Texas over 6 years ago

Barn owl control

I have chickens that are free range all day and come to a pen in the evening for scratch and feed, and to roost. I have come in the morning to find a dead chicken, no head, neck/breast area, or internal organs. The other night I heard the chickens making a ruckus, when I put the spot light in the pen, there was a huge barn owl on a recent chicken kill, which quickly flew off when the light shined on him. Being protected, I can neither trap or kill the owl. What bird netting would best keep the owl out if stretched across the pen. Thanks.

Ed De Clements


DeWitt County Texas almost 5 years ago

can a methley plum serve as a pollinator for a mariposa plum,

can a methley plum serve as a pollinator for a mariposa plum,


DeWitt County Texas over 4 years ago

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