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please help , my back yard is looking like a fire burn it, i put new grass in...

please help , my back yard is looking like a fire burn it, i put new grass in the back ,full grn and thick beatiful yard only now i only hav the roots from the grass now, what happen. p.s. i watered twice aday and ferz twice ayear... no more grass except for spots... please help.

Denton County Texas about 5 years ago

Seed pods removed too early?

I harvested seed pods from a red yucca too early I think. They had stared to turn dark but when I opened the first pod, seeds were white. If I leave the remaining pods (that I have already picked) to dry out or ripen more will the seeds Inside be viable to plant? Or have I ruined them since they did not ripen on the stalk?



Denton County Texas 17 days ago

Oak trees dying

We have a ton of oak trees that are all dying on our lot near Denton, Tx.
Leaves turn yellow and brown, and it looks like fall.
All of the leaves have very tiny perfect circles on them. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this (pest or disease), and how to stop it. I am attaching pictures.


Tree1_300x300%2523 Tree2_300x300%2523 Tree_3_300x300%2523

Denton County Texas 9 months ago

Truck damage

I have a Shumard Oak that we transplanted due to water in the first area. The truck appears to be flacking away and the truck is not withstanding the wind we have in north Texas. Is it going to die?


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Denton County Texas about 1 year ago

Mesquite thorn bush

I have six acres with cows, it has horrible mesquite thien bushes. If i use roundup to kill them can i still out the cows out?



Denton County Texas almost 2 years ago

Aristocrat Pears and Orange Pollen

I stumbled on this site after a search, and the question about Aristocrat Pear Trees and orange pollen was answered as “unrelated” to the tree as spring flowers had already come and gone. I’m here to tell you, that with an ~25 year old Aristocrat this is the first time I’ve seen these “hairy” berries in mid/late May. I just took the attached photos today, May 20. This orange pollen is everywhere after a light rain this morning. I’m wondering if this could be some sort of end-of-life indicator. The tree appears otherwise healthy.


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Denton County Texas about 2 years ago

Winter residents?

It’s December, my home is in North Texas. There’s a much used Barn Swallow nest by my front door. The past couple weeks there has been an unknown bird in the Barn Swallow nest. It’s filled the nest with dry leaves. Just today I suspect there may be more than one bird in there. Could you, please, tell me who it might be and what, if anything, I might do to make it’s (their) stay more comfortable. Would it (they) like an additional bird house or two?


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Denton County Texas over 2 years ago

Unknown insect

Can anyone identify this strange looking insect?



Denton County Texas almost 3 years ago

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