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Soil Testing

How do I go about getting a soil test of my backyard vegetable garden


Delta County Texas almost 6 years ago

What is the name of this plant?

I discovered this plant growing in our pasture this year. Can you help me identify it? I can e-mail a photo of it to you.



Delta County Texas about 6 years ago

Banned pesticide

My parent have a ranch in east Texas and we just found a 5-gallon metal container, about half full, of a banned pesticide. Where can we take it to dispose of it safely and legally?


Delta County Texas over 4 years ago

Filamentous Algae ??

This pond is 100+ years old and the 50 years I have been around it has always had this problem. And some years is has been almost covered with Lilly Pads other years none. Through the years many attempts to clear the water were made but none ever worked some may have made it worse.
Things like pre-emergent herbicide, aqua shade, copper sulfate, chlorine seem to work but I did not use enough to kill fish.

The last few years it is getting worse. It is 2.2 acers when full near the dam some water is 13ft deep I would think the average would be 5ft. I am looking for an affordable solution. I have attached photos.

James Wheeler


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Delta County Texas almost 5 years ago

Yucchi Clover

I understand that Yucchi clover or Yuchi clover is a native arrowleaf clover in Texas. But, I would appreciate veification. Is all non-cultivar arrowleaf clover Yucchi clover. Do you have a source for Yucchi clover seads? Or should I gather the seeds from existing plants?
Thanks, John Scogin '69


Delta County Texas almost 6 years ago

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