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white powder on outdoor plants

Some of my outdoor plant leaves are covered with a white powder. Would you know what it is and what causes it?

Delta County CO almost 2 years ago

My non farm neighbor thinks my use of a anhydrous ammonia NH3 nurse tank...

My non farm neighbor thinks my use of a anhydrous ammonia NH3 nurse tank might burn or blow up and injure him , I can not convince him other wise.I have used NH3 on my farm for many years and I know it is placarded by DOT as 1005 " NON-FLAMMABLE GAS .Tanks are built to with stand a INTERNAL pressure of 250 psi. Anhydrous is at pressure in the tank of 16 psi to 200 psi at a out side temperature of 100 degrees F. I have never heard of a tank burning or exploding . I know they have ruptured mainly when going off the road when pulled by a pickup. Can you give me some help on whether it will burn or explode.

Delta County CO almost 3 years ago

apricot trees oozing from bark

We bought a house with some fruit trees that were probably planted around 1988. We have at least 3 apricot trees and they are blooming right now (March 24, 2016). There are places on the bark of the trees, not near the ground but otherwise distributed along the trunk, where sap oozed out last year. Now there are fresh openings with a substance like foam. What is the likely cause of this? And is there a good way to protect our trees from frost at night? I live near Paonia, CO.



Delta County CO about 4 years ago

Peaches infested with earwigs

Is the peach still edible if the damaged sections are cut away, i.e. slice off small chunks that don't show any sign of rot or bug damage to make a cobbler or put on top of ice cream or even eat raw?


Delta County CO almost 2 years ago

Gambel Oak insect infestation

We planted 25 Gambel Oak in 2013, CSU bareroot stock, and they have done well until now. Please see attached photos. First noticed this toward the end of last summer at the top of one oak. Thought the oak would fight this off. This is some type of scale, some of which are squishy. Today it is evident that whatever this is needs to be treated as soon as possible or we will lose all of our oaks. Has become especially evident over the last week. We live on Cedar Mesa outside of Cedaredge at approximately 6,400'. We would appreciate any diagnosis and treatment advise that you can give. Thank You!


Gambeloak2_300x300%2523 Gambeloak3_300x300%2523 Gambeloak1_300x300%2523

Delta County CO 11 days ago

Which one are the best to grow to sell?

I am thinking of planting a few acres into hops, but not sure which ones would be the best to grow to sell.


Delta County CO almost 5 years ago

Branches of spruce trees browning

Several blue spruce branches have lost their needles, some entire branches. In this case near the top. It could be improper planting (these trees a more than 15 yrs old); a fungus, improper watering in winter or maybe an insect. I appreciate your help. Thanks.


Delta County CO about 6 years ago

Plant identification - edible?

My husband and I have been removing "weed" trees we thought were just a jumble of elm and who knows what else. The area is overgrown and hasn't been cut back in years. Today I noticed an abundance of berries in various shades of red, and black. Some of the "blackberries" have fallen off of the tree. I am worried about what this plant could be since I did not plant it and have never seen it before. I have a toddler and a small dog, and I am worried about the plant possibly being poisonous. I have attached a few pictures. We live in Delta, in town so it could have been planted possibly. We have been here 4 years almost, and I have never seen this "tree" flower.


Img-6156_300x300%2523 Img-6157_300x300%2523 Img-6158_300x300%2523

Delta County CO 11 months ago

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