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Greenhouse ginseng

So can you grow Ginseng with a greenhouse in Texas would that be better and how much does ginseng usually sell for

Dallas County Texas over 1 year ago

Partial shade plants

I live in tune DFW Metroplex. I have a flower bed that gets morning shade and afternoon sun during the summer. Should I plant full sun plants? I tried Coral Bells and a few other shade plants and they didn't make it, but neither did the partial shade ones. Any thought on what to plant?

Dallas County Texas almost 4 years ago


Actually testing. Calandiva-Texas Rose.


Dallas County Texas over 4 years ago

How do I take sprigs from my fig tree and make them take root? Can my avocado...

How do I take sprigs from my fig tree and make them take root? Can my avocado tree stay in ground thru winter? I just planted it this spring. Same for my lemon tree, the lemon has to be brought in I am sure. One more I have three plum trees, each produced fruit the first year, but not since. What is wrong? I live in No. Dallas Texas. Thank you for your help!

Dallas County Texas about 6 years ago

Mystery grass/weed??

Hello, I have a weed or grass growing between paver stones and can't find any info on it. I'm glad it's there and want to plant more to keep the sand and gravel down. It's very flat, looks like baby St Augustine but without the long runners. It's very hearty because that area gets almost no water. Any idea what it is? My other question is, what is the best low-growing, low maintenance grass for in between paver stones? There is only sand and gravel there now and no sprinklers near by. Not much I can do about that because it's the whole side of the house! I do hand water though. Thank you so much!


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Dallas County Texas 5 months ago

High altitude pumpkin pie

Just moved to Angel Fire N.M from Dallas and know NOTHING about high altitude baking. Want to make pumpkin pie for Tgiving. Sister is a pastry chef. She told me to blind bake the crust was not much help recipe wise, you know how little sisters are.... Any tips? More thanks than you can imagine, Carol Goodson, who wants her first Tgiving in her new place to be memorable for a great meal!


Dallas County Texas almost 4 years ago

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter - Biological Control

I have several heavily infested trees and the rain is quite a nuisance. I've read extensively about the use of parasitic wasps and viruses, but can't find a resource to purchase them. Before I resort to a chemical pesticide, are there any better and safer recommendations?


Dallas County Texas over 4 years ago

Is this what root knot nematodes look like in hosta?

I sent a sample to a lab for diagnosis. It came back as root knot nematodes. This doesn't look anything like the roots of other plants with root knot nematodes. The roots are just gone in most cases.

could the lab have made a mistake?


Nematode_roots_006r_300x300%2523 Mix_075_(2)_300x300%2523

Dallas County Texas about 5 years ago

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