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Sorghum silage sale contract

Our farm is selling sorghum silage to a third party, the dairy in an adjoining section. Since there are three parties involved -- owner, tenant, and dairy -- we need a contract so all of us are on the same page.


Dallam County TX over 5 years ago

Can you help identify this plant

This plant was taken from a home in S.E. Dallas. It grew to about 6' tall every spring and died back in the winter. It Bloomed pretty much all summer. We are no longer close to the plant but want to identify it to grow here in the San Antonio area.

The plant was taken from an old home in dallas and relocated by a number of people so we are not sure of its origins.



Dallam County TX almost 6 years ago

soil test

Hello Sir, My Name Is Sultan And I Am From Pakistan, I Am A Farmer,see my soil test result and give me a idea what i do for rice cultivation. thanks ph is 8.5 EC(1:2.5)ds/m is 10 Ex.Na(mm%/100g) is 5.5 Organic Matter % is 1.20 Nitrogen % is 0.65 Available P(ppm) is 8 Exchange K(ppm) is 400 Texture is Clay Loam


Dallam County TX about 3 years ago

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