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Why do I have difficulties raising elderberries in central Texas?

Why does the elderberry tree/shrub have difficulties as a home-grown plant in central Texas?


Coryell County Texas over 5 years ago


I have two mystery fruit trees on our farm. We have had this property eight years and every year these trees are prolific fruit producers, though only the wildlife are benefitting. Finally this year I decided to really try to identify them and they look like Jujube. Is that possible here in Gatesville? No extra water or fertilizer, but hundreds of fruits that taste like and look like a dry apple with a pit in the middle. Green fruit is the size of my thumb, and darkens reddish and shrivels over time. Leaf has three veins and waxy/shiny on front side. Thank you!


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Coryell County Texas about 7 years ago

Modern uses for peach pits

I'm a writer working on an article for Texas Co-op Power magazine on the use of charcoal made from peach pits in gas masks during World War l. Does anyone at TAMU know of a modern use for peach pits?

Thank you.
Martha Deeringer
McGregor, TX 254 470-2360


Coryell County Texas almost 4 years ago

Pecan Tree Pest

Do you know if this is a pest to the pecan tree? If so, what is it and what is used to get rid of them?

Thank you,


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Coryell County Texas almost 7 years ago

Fertilizing Buffalo Grass

I have buffalo grass with 50% of it weeds,Can I use a weed& feed fertilizer to kill the weeds.


Coryell County Texas over 4 years ago

Birdhouse Gourds

Hi, I decided to grow birdhouse gourds this year and I have never grown them before. My question is how to dry them? Some suggestions are to leave them on the vine to dry, some say cut them off when the stem turns brown, some say pull the plant out and let it all sit in the sun for a few weeks. Any help would be great! I planted one seed and have 30ft worth of plant vines with 10 or so gourds on my vine! They are currently light melon green and the stems are starting to turn brown. My vine has been growing since April. Thank you


Coryell County Texas almost 5 years ago

Purple hull peas disease problem

I have something growing on my pea vines. looks like it is covered with little ants. It started on the pod then went to the leaves. When you pull your hand over it, it is a yellow stain in your hand. It is beginning to get on my okra & squash. Do you know what it is and how I can get rid of it?


Coryell County Texas almost 4 years ago

Spiders that are killing Cedar bushes

I've recently noticed spider webs and spiders actively infesting unwanted juniper (cedar bushes) on my ranch land.
I have recently taken a sample of both the dead limbs and the healthy limbs with the spider webs present on both.
I have tried cedar clearing on my land for the past 20 years and these spiders are doing a much better job killing the juniper than I have ever done, even with the help of skid-steer tractors and hydraulic shears.
Do you have any idea as to what this spider could be and might I expect them to do a large scale kill on the pesky cedar bush?.

John M. Davis


Coryell County Texas almost 4 years ago

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