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Pecan Tree Disease

Seeking advice on what is damaging my crop.


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Cooke County Texas almost 3 years ago

nightshade toxicity to cattle

How toxic is purple nightshade to cattle. We have 50 acres of coastal bermuda hay crop that we are trying to grow organically but is getting quite a lot of purple nightshade in it.


Cooke County Texas almost 5 years ago

Tree thinning with lots of balls

One of our bald cypress tree is losing leaves, getting very thin, and has lots of balls. We have 5 and this is the only one doing this. We did add dirt around it about 2 months ago. Could that be the problem? About 6-8 inches . Should we remove the dirt now?



Cooke County Texas over 2 years ago

What is this?

This was blooming this spring in my pasture in Valley View, Tx... What is it? Thx.


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Cooke County Texas over 5 years ago

black foliage eating beetles

Hello. We live in N. central Tx and for the last 2 years our yard has become infested with a solid black little beetle that eats leaves. lots of leaves. They dont seem to be very picky. just leaves. They come in droves, late spring. I have found no pictures or description that matches exactly. They look like a blackened false bombardier beetle, but are definitely eating leaves.
thank- you for your attention.


Cooke County Texas about 5 years ago

brown recluse?

Hi I found this spider crawling out of my hair down my neck. I am terrified. I am in North Central Texas in the country. I have never seen a spider lile this. Left photo is original, the right two are brightened and cropped to enhance details.



Cooke County Texas about 6 years ago

Musk Thistle problem

How can I kill and prevent musk thistle?


Cooke County Texas over 5 years ago

Webbing in all of our trees

Can you tell me what this webbing is on all of our trees and bushes and how we can get rid of it?


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Cooke County Texas almost 5 years ago

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