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Ochratoxin in Texas Grapes


I am looking for information concerning ochratoxin testing in Texas. I know that aflatoxin testing is big in Texas but I am not sure about ochratoxin testing. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. In specific, I am looking for when and where the testing occurs and if it is a big concern for the grape and wine industry in Texas.


Comanche County Texas about 4 years ago

Watermelon planting

For watermelons I have read the vegetable production guide, it is stated to plant the 2 outside rows in pollinators then every third row to a pollinator. My current planting pattern is plant 4 rows skip for drive row plant 4 rows and repeat across the field. Will it be just as effective and efficient to plant every 4th plant to a pollinator so I do not have to change my planting pattern. Your expert knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Randy Kirkland


Comanche County Texas over 3 years ago

I realize that wild grapes are very difficult to identify unless they're...

I realize that wild grapes are very difficult to identify unless they're Mustang or sand grape, but I'd really like to put the proper name to this wild grape that grows along the backroads in Comanche county into Brown county. As with most grapes, the leaves can be either lobed or un-lobed.



Comanche County Texas almost 6 years ago

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