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Oak Tree Root Damage

It appears that a cluster of live oak trees in our yard is suffering from root damage caused by ground vibrations from rock excavation to install an aerobic sewer system. The trees are located approximately 30 ft. from where the tanks were installed. Excavation took place about 15 months ago. Leaves scattered throughout the trees are turning brown and dropping off while others in the same areas remain green, at least temporarily. Leaf loss seems to be accelerating. Some branches have already been made completely bare. Trees further from the excavation are retaining their leaves much better. Is there anything that can be done to help the affected trees survive?


Comal County Texas almost 5 years ago

Keeper or loser?

These plants are popping up everywhere. They look similar to the sensitive plant, but are much larger and don't react when touched. What are they?



Comal County Texas almost 4 years ago

What plant is this?

I have several of these plants growing wild. What are they called and do they bloom?


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Comal County Texas over 4 years ago

pests in vegetable garden

new to gardening in canyon lake. TX. I planted cabbage, cauliflower that have developed worms and tiny white flying bugs mites, aphids? Would like to keep garden pesticide free, what are the chances.


Comal County Texas over 5 years ago

Growing Christmas Jewel Holly

I planted three Christmas Jewel holly trees (18” tall) in the spring. I've watered and fertilized (21-0-0 and Ironite) the 3 trees throughout the spring and summer. They have grown very little since. The only new growth occurred during the spring. Much to my surprise, deer nipped off the new growth! I’ve since covered the plants with wire mesh. Any suggestions? Bob Bunyard CMG


Comal County Texas over 6 years ago

Transplanting Texas Betony

I’ve planted many Texas Superstar plants at my new home this spring & summer. I am a new CMG and used the 3-3-2-1 watering rule, i.e., watered 3 times 1st week, watered 3 times 2nd week, watered 2 times 3rd week, watered once 4th week, as necessary thereafter. Most plants are doing very well. One plant that I had a problem with was Texas Betony. Since I planted this plant during the summer, I was very concerned about the heat and drought. During the initial planting, about half the TX Betony died. I replanted and about half died again. Being overly concerned about the heat, I may have over watered. Is that possible with TX Betony? If so, about how much water should be used per plant, i.e., one pint, one quart, ½ gallon? Some of the TX Betony were in 4” containers and some in gallon containers. I also recently read someone recommencing to prune new plants when transplanting. Would that be helpful? Bob Bunyard CMG


Comal County Texas over 6 years ago

Oak Wilt

Are there any cases of oak wilt in the northwestern portions of Comal County. One of our residents is concerned about a dead tree near the low water crossing of the west branch of Rebecca Creek in our subdivision, the Springs at Rebecca Creek.

Donna Pool, Director
Springs at Rebecca Creek.


Comal County Texas almost 5 years ago

what would be the recommended options for fast growing evergreen vine in...

what would be the recommended options for fast growing evergreen vine in the hill country of texas, specifically new braunfels TX


Comal County Texas over 6 years ago

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