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Trumpet Vines on Oak Trees

I live here in Santa Anna, TX which is in Coleman County (76878). Trumpet Vines have grown here naturally as far as I can remember and the Live Oak Trees on my property of course have been here for hundreds of years. I have noticed that the trumpet vines have grown up into the oak trees and I was wondering if this is a concern for the trees. Should I cut the vines growing up into the trees or leave them be. I think the trumpet vines are pretty and I would like for them to stay but not if it would harm the tree.


Coleman County Texas almost 5 years ago

What plant is this?

An odd looking plant came up in my flower bed, in amongst the marigolds I had purchased. The leaves are alternate and fuzzy on both sides with very slight edge serration about 3/8th inches apart. The stem is hairy and about the 4th leaf up a new stem starts developing, it becomes quite bushy as it matures. It has one long central tap root with smaller side roots from the soil surface to about 1" down the tap root.


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Coleman County Texas almost 4 years ago

goat and sheep

Dear Sir/Madam
Would you please give me email addresses of goat and sheep importers?my email is


Coleman County Texas almost 5 years ago

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