Coke County, Texas

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Food plot

I recently tested my soil at my deer lease in bronte Tx, the PH level was 7.5 and the nitrogen was almost 0, potas was almost 0 as well. It’s red dirt and I’m trying to grow some wheat, turnips and clovers. I bought all purpose fertilizer 16 16 16. Is there anything I can do to help grow the plot? Thank you for any help


Coke County Texas 9 months ago

Late Season Vegetable Plants (especially tomatoes)

Many articles dealing with tomatoes talk about growing a second crop later in the year when temps cool down. Usually greenhouses and nurseries in this area are cleaning up for the winter by mid July.
I need a source for late season vegetable plants, especially tomatoes. Any recommendations?


Coke County Texas about 6 years ago

Boar goat start up

I have recently moved back to my family ranch in Silver Texas. The land is mostly in the hills there. Originally There at the home place we were set up for cows, with pens and a couple of holding traps. The fencing is weak at best, and in need of service or replacement. We are thinking about starting up a either a cow or Boar Goat business. I'm sure the first problem would be the fencing. What would be the difference in a general Boar Goat, Business and a Show Goat business, with an AI program?


Coke County Texas over 4 years ago

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