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watering grass and shrubs in Texas

Please help. My husband and I live in East Texas. I was born here and he is English. We had a very wet Spring but it is now mid July and we have only had less than .25 an inch of rain for the month and it is climbing to the upper 90s with no rain in the forecast for the next week or so. I try to water a small section of our grass early each morning for at least 30 minutes as the Saint Augustine grass is turning very brown and a lot of it appears to be dying. My husband says grass shouldn't be watered very often as it is best to let the roots seek moisture deep in the ground. I just don't think he understands how this Texas heat can kill everything that isn't kept well watered. By the way, I just recently convinced him that he should not run in the heat of the day. I am sure you have heard the term "mad dogs and Englishmen in the mid day sun" haha


Cherokee County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 4 years ago

Controlling Signal Grass

How to control or get red of SIGNAL GRASS when it is coming up and taking over St. Augustine and/or Coastal Bermuda. I unfortunately have it in two separate locations involving both grasses.


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Cherokee County Texas over 4 years ago

My son heard on a gardening website about a grass killer that is made of...

My son heard on a gardening website about a grass killer that is made of orange oil, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar. Is this a viable solution for killing a large patch of healthy grass where I want to build flower beds? I don't want the ground contaminated. If so, where can I find the recipe?


Cherokee County Texas weed control horticulture over 6 years ago

Master Canners Certification

Do you offer a Master Canners Certification course?


Cherokee County Texas food safety home food preservation almost 6 years ago


Do you all charge for admission


Cherokee County Texas over 6 years ago

Can You Name This Weed

I just moved into this house about 2 years ago. I did not have these weeds until I had some dirt brought in and also had a few areas of my yard hydromulched. Now I have this weed growning all over most of my yard. The only way I have figured out how to get rid of it is to pull it up. It has lots of roots, larger plants have roots about 3 inched long. Can you tell me what these weeds are called and what I can use to kill it. I think round-up will but I would have to spray my whole yard and kill everything. Is there a granual or liquid that I can use without killing my bermuda grass?
Thanks, Jean


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I was wondering if a red tail boa would attack a python me and my wife just purchased one of each and was wondering


Cherokee County Texas 12 months ago

Is it safe to can cured, brined or corned meat?

Is it safe to can cured, brined or corned meat? If so can you provide some information for me to read up on this?


Cherokee County Texas almost 3 years ago

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