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Citrus trees TX Trinity Bay area close to bay 77514

How to identify the cause and how to stop this problem with our citrus trees. Shriveled leaves with white sooty substance. Is this a virus or bug issue? Please advise how to prevent.

Also, why does my peach tree provide larger peaches one year and very small ones the next. Tree has been fertilized and sprayed for varmints each year. Also, branches are not growing on one side of trees.

Do you know of someone in my area that knows how to graft and will teach me?

Thanking you in advance.

P.S. Have a Safe and Happy Turkey Day!!!


Chambers County Texas over 3 years ago

How to prepare bulb garden in TX Trinity Bay Clay soil above ground

Please advise how to prepare above ground to plant bulb garden so that bulbs won't rot. What type of amendments to use. Which ones can be left to propagate and which ones need to be removed and stored and the proper way to store for our geographic location. I have a shrub with small white flowers growing in the center where a tree has been removed. This is the exact spot in my yard that I want to make this happen.

I love Narcissus' and have them growing and they continue to come up, but are not blooming. I see many growing and blooming in pastures near me, but, mine will not bloom. These flowers grew in front of my sister's and my bedroom windows when we were children. Help is greatly appreciated.

Also, do you have students that will come to your dwelling to assist on where and what to plant in ones yard. If so, will you please have someone contact me?

Thanking you in advance.


Chambers County Texas over 3 years ago

digging up a 3 foot oak sapling to transplant off fence line?

How deep do I need to dig to remove a 3ft oak sapling from a fence line so I can transplant it to a different area of my yard?


Chambers County Texas over 2 years ago

Snake I.D.

Hello I would like some help in identifying what kind of snake this is.


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Chambers County Texas over 3 years ago

Battling Cottony cushion scale and leafminers

How do I rid my flower garden and citrus trees of cottony cushion scale?
My citrus trees have mildew from the scale and now leaf miners have invaded. My flower garden and citrus trees are under attack! Help!


Chambers County Texas almost 7 years ago

New growth rose bush leaves are curling up

Can you tell me why the new growth leaves in my rose bushes are curling up & look like they are drying up? The bushes have had ample water and the leaves curl upwards not down. Some of them look like they have a web inside them.


Chambers County Texas about 4 years ago

Pecan Tree Moss from BH

I have a pecan tree that I bought from a nursery ten years agowhich was 12' to 14'. Now it is around 20' There is moss growing on the trunk and has started spreading to them branches. Does this need to be treated or left alone? If treated what should be used.


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Chambers County Texas about 5 years ago

Best lawn grasses for Chambers County Texas

What type of lawn grass is recommended for Chambers County Texas. We are located about 1 mile from Trinity Bay.


Chambers County Texas over 6 years ago

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