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Cass County Plant Identification

Can I get some help identifying the plant in the attached picture? The picture was taken May 3rd and was in bloom after recent rains.

Tony Gunn



Cass County Texas horticulture over 6 years ago

Planting cosmos seashell Fall, or spring?

A friend gave me Cosmos seashell mix. Shall I plant them now in Sept. (zone #8) or
Thank you, I am,
Donna N.E. TX


Cass County Texas horticulture about 6 years ago

Berry interesting

Berry shrub in east Texas I can't find it on the web it looks like a youpon holly with leaves on steroids. Any ideas?


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Cass County Texas plant identification horticulture about 5 years ago

Mineral Supplement for Ponds

The water in my pond is very clear and I have read this is bad. I have also read that I might need Diatom Algae to correct this problem and for food for fish. Can you give me some info on this and where I can buy or make my own ? Thanks in advance.


Cass County Texas freshwater aquaculture pond and water gardens about 6 years ago

How to get started in farming

I am buying some 8 acres in Cass County and I'd like to start a small-scale farm. How can I get started?


Cass County Texas over 3 years ago


Can you tell me what my bush is? It gets pink flowers early spring/summer if you don't trim it.



Cass County Texas over 3 years ago

Is there an available source or website for indoor/ classroom growing kits...

Is there an available source or website for indoor/ classroom growing kits for JMG kids, that someone could recommend? Kits that could facilitate several activities relating to plant growth and development. Kits that could help with the demonstration of plant processes, such as germination and transpiration; conducting food test, and simple soil test etc. to name a few.


Cass County Texas horticulture almost 6 years ago

License needed?

What license is needed to spray herbicide on sports fields for a public school in Texas


Cass County Texas herbicides horticulture over 5 years ago

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