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How does defoliation at different intensities and frequencies affect growth of shoots?


Callahan County TX over 6 years ago

Improving Clay soil

Hi I have clay soil in zone 8b , Clyde, TX. Can I add only old grass clippings( hay) to my soil to build the tilth of it? If so will it rob the soil of nitrogen? Thanks.


Callahan County TX 5 months ago

Identifying a fruit type -

My neighbor has a tree that looks very similar - leaves and bark - to a pecan but it has small green fruit with a large stone (very similar to that of the avocado). The fruit is 1 and 1/2" to 2" in diameter, with about a quarter of an inch of meat around the stone. Is it a type of apricot or is there a different fruit I should look at a different type of fruit with which to match this?

Thank you for your assistance,
Don Williams


Callahan County TX almost 4 years ago

We have several large pecan trees at a house we purchased to remodel. One...

We have several large pecan trees at a house we purchased to remodel. One pecan tree's leaves have all suddenly turned brown. The other 3 have patches of brown leaves and the patches seem to get larger daily. Please advise. Thank you, Geneva


Callahan County TX almost 6 years ago

post oak bores

I have a big post oak in my yard, approximately 2' in diameter, and the bark just above the ground to just above waist height was loose and seperated from the tree. A section of the bark easily fell off and there were lots of bore holes in the tree. It appears most of the bark all the way around the tree will soon fall off. The tree is leafing out and still appears ok above but don't expect it to last with this continued infestation.

Obviously I would like to save the tree but need to know what to treat it with and wondered if wrapping after treatment would help?

Thanks in advance for your help,



Callahan County TX about 7 years ago

Chill Hours

I live in Callahan,County and am wanting to plant fruit trees. While choosing the variety of peach I was given a number of chill hours it would require. Where can I find that number in relation to my county? Any assistance is gratefully received, Kenneth Kirkpatrick.


Callahan County TX over 3 years ago

field bind weed control

what is the most effective herbicide to kiil field bind weed and Silver Leaf Nightshade


Callahan County TX almost 3 years ago

How to establish Wild Plum

I recently bought some property and would like to establish a wild plum thicket but not sure how to accomplish that. Native wild plum are in the vicinity and in the same soil type (sandy loam) as where I would like to get them started. Should I did up/transplant seedlings, plant seeds or maybe something else?


Callahan County TX about 7 years ago

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