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grassy weed in bermuda tiff 419

I'm from central texas and I planted bermuda tiff 419 in front yard this past summer. This spring I'm seeing this weed looking grass in the bermuda. I have spread weed and feed. Can you please identify this weed and what can i do to eliminate it? Hope the photo helps. Thanks


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Caldwell County Texas about 5 years ago

Planting Shrubs and trees in November?

I have beds empty ready to be planted now with drought tolerant Texas native plants. What are the best drought tolerant shrubs and trees and perennials to plant in Caldwell County Texas in November? (Other than vegetables)

Thank you.


Caldwell County Texas over 5 years ago

male & female mesquite trees

A friend told me that there were male and female mesquite trees. She contended that the female mesquites were the ones with blooms and the trees that didn't have blooms were the male species. Can this be true? If so, then how do the blooms get fertilized allowing beans to be formed? Is it a case of the trees with blooms have both male and female blooms? If that's it, then, are the trees that don't produce blooms and beans 'sterile'?


Caldwell County Texas almost 7 years ago

Citric Greening

Home Depot is selling lemon trees in Austin and Sequin. The ones in Austin have a tag attach to it. "Prohibited for movement outside the Quarantine area Penalty for violation TX: 08/01/2016" Are they committing a violation?


Caldwell County Texas over 3 years ago

Plum tree

I have a first year Methly plum that is oozing a sap like substance from the trunk. The tree still has leaves and looks healthy. Just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about?


Caldwell County Texas almost 5 years ago

Garden soil problems

A few months ago your organization did a soil test for me. The pH was 7.5 Here's the results:
Results Cl
Nitrate-N 63 (-)
Phosphorus 397 50
Potassium 376 175
Calcium 9,437 180
Magnesium 272 50
Sulfur 65 13
Sodium 139 (-)
I'm wondering if the well water that I've used for 37 years is causing this problem as the garden has reached a point where it doesn't produce as it used to. If well water gets on a vehicle and allowed to dry, strong vinagar is all that will remove the film! Over the years, occasionally I'd till in compost from the mushroom farm in Gonzales and when using commercial fertilizer, usually applied 13-13-13. I've noticed that the lawn seems to not respond to fertilizer. I've talked to your folks and was told that these results have 'tied up' the plants abillity to 'take up' the fertilizer. The only hting in common between the lawn and the garden is the well water!


Caldwell County Texas over 6 years ago

Bur oak has Phytophthora Canker

My Bur Oak has been diagnosed with Phytophthora canker. What treatment can I apply to suppress the disease. I have been advised to also cultivate the soil beneath the crown of the Bur Oak to improve soil health and promote root development. I was told to add Biochar to the soil during cultivation and to apply compost and mulch. The part I don't know is what to apply to suppress the canker.


Caldwell County Texas almost 7 years ago

mystery plant

Mystery volunteer. See pix.
Any idea of what it is?


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Caldwell County Texas almost 6 years ago

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