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What product to use to kill burweed?

I want to eradicate burweed in my yard. Which product would be best for this?

Burnet County Texas over 4 years ago

Black-eyed pea infestation

I have what I think are thrips on my peas. They cover the blossom and also the pea. Peas curl & shrivel. It's so late in the season, I'm not that interested in getting rid of them, but I'd like to know how to prevent their coming next year. I have a very small garden, and I turn the pea roots under in the soil each fall and plant there again the next summer, as I have no other place for them.


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Burnet County Texas almost 6 years ago

Do farm fresh eggs need to be washed?

I am receiving farm fresh eggs from a friend who has chickens on his ranch. Do I need to wash them before I cook with them? They appear to be clean. I've heard pros and cons to washing them.


Burnet County Texas about 7 years ago

large healthy plant, lots of blooms almost no fruit

Pretty well said in the title.


Burnet County Texas almost 5 years ago

mulch from shredded cedar (juniper) trees

Are there any negatives in using mulch made of shredded cedar (juniper) trees on vegetable gardens? We are located in the southwestern portion of Burnet County in the Edwards Plateau.


Burnet County Texas over 6 years ago

Red bugs eating mountain laurel seed pods and sap

My mountain laurel has bloomed and it is covered in seed pods. The pods are oozing some kind of sap and there are small red bugs (I think they have wings) apparently eating the sap but also eating the seed pods. They ARE NOT eating any leaves. What are the red bugs? Marble Falls, TX


Burnet County Texas about 4 years ago

Varieties of Rasberries fpr Central Texas

Getting ready to plant blackberries this winter/next spring. Are there any varieties of rasberries that stand a chance in Central Texas?


Burnet County Texas almost 5 years ago

stone vs. bark for mulch

The flower beds at my new house are mulched with pebbles. Would it be better to replace the rocks with a plant material such as shredded bark? I want what is the best for the plants. They are not densely planted right now, but I would like to add more plants.
We are in Marble Falls.
Thank you
Ella Tyler



Burnet County Texas almost 6 years ago

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