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oak tree leafy twigs falling to ground

Two giant oak trees in my back yard are being attacked by something that is causing short green leafy twigs to fall to the ground. First time to ever have this problem.What can I do to stop this? Will be difficult to spray these "big" trees, but I do not want to lose them! The situation seems to be getting worse.


Brown County TX almost 7 years ago

Spider mum?

Not sure what this flower is



Brown County TX almost 2 years ago

Pecan scab Cure

Is there a cure for pecan scab. I have sprayed at bud break and 3 more times at 2 week intervals per instructions. It help but began to get worse so I started spraying again. Do I need to spray every two weeks until frost?


Brown County TX 11 months ago

Onion storage

How can onions be stores other that refridgerator


Brown County TX about 3 years ago

chestnut trees in TX

I'm curious what the chill hours in Brownwood and San Angelo are. I'm curious about planting a chestnut orchard, I notice its one of the items not on the list.


Brown County TX about 6 years ago

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