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Chiggers in coastal bermuda hay

My last purchase of coastal for my horses is loaded with chiggers. I live in far West Texas and we don't experience the little buggers unless it's hay from East Texas. I have been battling getting bitten for three weeks now and recently heard about a product called Essentria IC3, a plant based insecticide. I have been told that I can spray the hay with this without any toxic effects to my horses. What do you say? Your comments are most welcome....soon, I'm really itching! :-)


Brewster County Texas over 4 years ago

Veggi sellections for Alpine, Brewster Co.

I used the page for selecting vegetables to grow in the West Texas region, Brewster Co., Alpine. It spit me out. Why? Are we being under served? I'm interested in growing veggies in this area of high altitude, intense light, low rainfall, low humidity, high pH, shallow, caliche soil and unpredictably bad weather. Tell me, what would the fun be without these challenges? We need help here, to compensate for these conditions. Also, I'm Planning to extend the season with cool weather crops. I am looking for non hybrid, non GMO seed selections for this area. Thank you for your suggestions.


Brewster County Texas over 7 years ago

Summer squash

Something is eating my squash at the ground. I have lost 6 squash in the last week and see several others with damage. I have not seen any cucumber beetles. I am checking in the a.m. & p.m. The primary leaves have turned white but the other leaves have not shown any signs. It is only affecting my yellow neck squash and not my zucchini. The pics show better.


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Brewster County Texas over 7 years ago

Lavender Soil Test

What type of soil test is needed in preparation for growing lavender? Routine: pH, NO3-N, ICP, K, Ca, Mg, Na and S? Or do I need to do an extended test that may include salinity, lime, Boron...?


Brewster County Texas over 3 years ago

Immature pine cones dropping from my trees

Can you please help me figure out why our pine trees are dropping small, but brown, immature pine cones and some green cones? (Photos attached) They are about 1 1/2" long, as opposed to the open mature ones that are about 3 1/2" to 4". It's the first of June and we did have a hard freeze the first of May, but I've never seen a freeze affect pine cones before. We live in Alpine, TX and have 24 pine trees. The tops of the trees appear to be loaded with new green pine cones, but the bottom halves to two-thirds of the trees are void of cones. The only information I could find online is to look for gray squirrels who chew them off, but we are not in a gray squirrel habitat area and I haven't seen any squirrels at all here. We have lived here for 3 1/2 years and all that has ever fallen were open brown mature cones. I would appreciate any help you might give. Thank you very much.
Charlotte Travland
Alpine, TX


Brewster County Texas over 7 years ago

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