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Puncture Vines (Goathead)

How can I eradicate a very large area of Puncture Vines (Goat heads)


Bosque County TX about 6 years ago

Covering the Roots of a Mature Red Oak Tree

We are finishing construction of a house on Lake Whitney. There is little loose soil here with limestone rock within 1/2 foot beneath the surface. There is an incline in which the mature multi trunk Red Oak tree has grown, age possibly 80+ years. We re- contoured the lot this week, making it at an incline that is mower safe. Our concern is that the roots of the tree are now covered with boulders and on top of this, the red soil hauled in from a dairy farm. The depth of new soil is 1 inch at the trunk to at least 4 feet in depth at 11 feet away from the trunk. This exists on 1/2 of the tree's circle. Will the tree suffer with 1/3 of the canopy's circle left unaffected. The tree will begin to naturally change color soon followed by the dropping of leaves. We may not know the affects until spring.


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Bosque County TX almost 4 years ago

Best time to shred pasture

I have 40 acres of overgrazed land. I've gotten rid of most cactus, broom weed etc but the grass is spotty. I've been shredding after the wildflower bloom (July) and again in Oct to give winter grass more sun. Are these good times to shred if I wish to aid the native grasses that exist on the land?


Bosque County TX over 6 years ago

How do I make ornamental gingers bloom?

I have several ornamental gingers and they are planted in part shade which I thought was necessary for them to thrive. I am having trouble getting them to bloom. I have had my soil tested by A&M and I was told it was really good - riverbottom land. Can you tell me what I should do to get them to bloom?


Bosque County TX over 5 years ago

care of pecan trees

Need info regarding fertilizer for pecan trees and water needs. trees are growing in lime stone soil, Clifton, Bosque County, Texas.


Bosque County TX over 5 years ago


I have been testing fruit trees on a 20 acre farm near Iredell Texas and this year should be my first year of production on about 17 trees (peaches, plums, apricots and pears). Note: l have both a 2010 and a 2012 planting.

This next winter (January 2015) I plan to plant an additional 40 trees. My final plan is to plant about 250 trees by 2020. Note: I plant in staggered rows with the tree spacing and the row spacing both at 30 feet..

What I need some advise on is the height of fencing to keep the deer out and a grass to plant for the parts of the orchard that are not cultivated.

Now I have each tree individually fenced with a 10 foot diameter ring of 5 foot high goat wire. So far this has worked fine, but requires the fence to be removed and repalced everytime I need to cultivate and trim the trees. For the 40 trees I want to fenced the whole plot.

On the grass, I was thinking Buffalo Grass or some mixture of other native grasses that do not need irrigation. I have a good well with drip irrigation for the trees and that will continue.

Any suggestions on what others are doing would be great.



Bosque County TX over 6 years ago

Mayhaw trees

I live in southwest Bosque county, can I grow Mayhaw trees in my high ph soil.


Bosque County TX over 5 years ago

kinds of mulch

I live in central Texas and would like to know the best mulch to use. I always use pine bark mulch and really like it ; however, is there a good mulch that won't wash away so badly? I do not like cypress mulch. What do you recommend?


Bosque County TX almost 7 years ago

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