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What are the survival rates of goats that were abandoned at birth?

I am preparing a presentation for my college speech class and am running into some difficulties in trying to find "expert evidence" that I can include. I am doing the presentation on goats and cannot find any statistics on the survival rate of kids that were abandoned at birth. Do you have any suggestions or resources that would be helpful?


Blanco County Texas over 6 years ago

Blanco chill Hours

What are chill hours for Blanco Texas


Blanco County Texas about 6 years ago

Donating to Gardens & Greenway

Blanco County Master Gardeners wish to donate $500.00 towards the Earth Kind Gardens. This donation is in response to Doug Welch's request at the 2014 State Convention. Where do we send the check so it makes its way to the correct account?

How do we make out the check? Thank you, Susan Hamm


Blanco County Texas over 5 years ago

planting olive trees in Blanco County

I have 10 acres in Blanco, Tx, and would like to put some olive trees on the property.
Can you refer me to a publication or other resource that can help me?


Blanco County Texas about 5 years ago

What scat is this

It’s all over my yard in Texas This is a resend, I mistyped my email address on my first submission.


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Blanco County Texas about 1 month ago

Grafting peach and plum

Should I harvest scion wood now before bud break and then graft when trees are growing vigorously? If this is not the correct approach, what is? Thanks


Blanco County Texas over 5 years ago

Can bluebonnets go through two life cycles in one year?

With the wet, cool Winter/Spring we've had here in the Hill Country, the bluebonnets were spectacular this year! After I got abundant, mature seed pods, I mowed my wildflower area and then the Memorial Day rains hit. Now, seven days later, I have thousands of new bluebonnets sprouting where I mowed, and I have a lot of new blooms on plants that already went to seed a month ago but in an area that hasn't been mowed. Have you ever heard of a second sprouting of bluebonnets this late in the year (June)? Will the sprouts that are coming up survive a full life cycle in the Summer heat and make it to seed? Have you ever seen a second wave of blooms on a plant that went to seed a month earlier? If the sprouts that are coming up now are this Spring's seeds, and the sprouts don't make it to seed, does that mean that I won't have any new bluebonnets sprout this Fall? Have you gotten reports of this from elsewhere in Texas? Thanks! This crazy weather is doing some crazy things here in Blanco. Best, Brent


Blanco County Texas almost 5 years ago

Peach Orchard, weed guard and wood chips? Blanco County

I have an orchard with about 80 trees. I have to mow it every couple of weeks to keep grass and weeds down. Would there be a problem with putting down weed guard and a couple of inches of aged wood chips?


Blanco County Texas over 3 years ago

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