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Fruit and veggie above ground gardening

We just move to north San Antonio. What can we grow in an above ground garden? We are wanting to grow fruits and veggies with our kids. Help needed: What to plant? When to plant (time of year)? Soil and watering and light recommendations? At the end of the day we need to improve our kids diet and hoping that if we get them involved they will eat what they grow. Thank you for your help, Quinn Family Aggies class of '08 and. '09

Bexar County Texas about 6 years ago

Microscopic insect help

Any idea what this could be? I am plagued by it. All images are magnified to the best of my app. I think these are different stages of same critter.


Mir_20201118_033847_300x300%2523 Mir_20201117_194530_300x300%2523 Mir_20201118_033936_300x300%2523 Mir_20201117_220341_300x300%2523 Mir_20201024_122941_300x300%2523 Mir_20201013_000749_300x300%2523

Bexar County Texas 5 days ago

Argiope aurantia egg sac relocation

My beautiful orb weaver just died after happily inhabiting my front doorway for the last several months. She also left behind four egg sacs! I want to make sure they remain safe, but I'm also worried about them migrating inside my house once they do hatch. Is that possible?
They are located up against my front door, two immediately behind the wreath hanging there and two right above it. I don't want to relocate them as I fear for their demise. But I also don't want hundreds of baby spiders in my living room. I've considered moving the wreath to a trellis right next to my front porch, but it is not sheltered from the elements like it currently is. And there really isn't another covered space to move it to that is not one of my doorways. I just want to keep the babies safe so they have the best chance of survival.
What do you suggest?



Bexar County Texas 3 months ago

Small brown bugs

found these small bugs flying around home have located them in the bed room, in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.


20200829_204923_300x300%2523 20200829_204927_300x300%2523 20200829_210422_300x300%2523

Bexar County Texas 3 months ago

A very special tree

My tree has been peeling and I dont know what to do. I really dont want to loose my tree.please help..



Bexar County Texas 3 months ago


What chemical gets rid of these brown millipedes. We live in a RV park in Texas. And they are coming up through the commode. What can I do? Please help! Its disturbing.


Bexar County Texas 3 months ago

Red Oak Leaf Burnt Brown

I have a red oak (only one) the maybe 5 years old, the past two or three summers the leaves have been turning like burnt brown.
I am determine to find a solution, my neighbors have a beautiful red oak. I want my to look the same.


Red_oak_leaves_300x300%2523 Red_oak_leaves_-2_300x300%2523

Bexar County Texas 4 months ago

How can I improve my hydrangea health?

I was given a hydrangea as a gift. It had spider mites so I treated it with slightly soapy water. It got rid of the mites, then I transplanted it into a larger pot with Miracle Grow potting soil and watered it daily. The leaves started turning brown so I brought it inside thinking the Texas sun might have burned it. It seems to be rallying and putting out new leaves, but some leaves are still turning brown and drying up. What am I doing wrong, and how can I help my plant do better please?


B5d971b3-a977-43d2-a1ff-39aa6e9a3d33_300x300%2523 Cf9e2c1f-c959-42d9-a6f3-45fd7911d33e_300x300%2523

Bexar County Texas 4 months ago

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