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Fruit and veggie above ground gardening

We just move to north San Antonio. What can we grow in an above ground garden? We are wanting to grow fruits and veggies with our kids. Help needed: What to plant? When to plant (time of year)? Soil and watering and light recommendations? At the end of the day we need to improve our kids diet and hoping that if we get them involved they will eat what they grow. Thank you for your help, Quinn Family Aggies class of '08 and. '09

Bexar County TX almost 6 years ago

How can I improve my hydrangea health?

I was given a hydrangea as a gift. It had spider mites so I treated it with slightly soapy water. It got rid of the mites, then I transplanted it into a larger pot with Miracle Grow potting soil and watered it daily. The leaves started turning brown so I brought it inside thinking the Texas sun might have burned it. It seems to be rallying and putting out new leaves, but some leaves are still turning brown and drying up. What am I doing wrong, and how can I help my plant do better please?


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Bexar County TX 7 days ago

Toddler ingests a plum pit

Toddler, 17 months okd, swallows who cherry plum pit. Is this toxic or poisonous? 8 hours later she is acting normally, showing no signs of discomfort or illness.


Bexar County TX 16 days ago

How deep roots on hibiscus tree

How deep is the roots to hibiscus tees about 4 feet tall ! I want to move the tree!


Bexar County TX 28 days ago


I have a xeriscape yard, so everything is some form of rock, this year I have had a large amount of purslane growing and I can’t rid the yard of it, so I thought I would just let it grow and be a ground cover. But I don’t like it so now I want to get rid of it. What spray could I use to effectively eradicate from the rocks, and what do I use to keep it gone. But I don’t want to hurt my plants that I have. Thank you


Bexar County TX about 1 month ago

Apple problem

My Golden Dorset apple tree s beautiful but the fruit is terribly damaged. Brown spots with tobacco juice like stuff oozing out. Picture is attached please help. Thank you, George


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Bexar County TX 3 months ago


What kind of tree is this leaf from?



Bexar County TX 3 months ago

lack of new leaf growth on meyer lemon

I had 4 meyer lemon plants in pots and after 3 years decided to put them in the ground. I covered the trees when the temp got down below 35 degrees F and water and fertilize regularly. One tree dropped all its leaves and never regained any new leaves. I dug up the tree and found that the fine roots had died and only the main root and a shoot were present and short. The other trees retained some leaves but the remaining leaves are curling and there is no new leaf growth or blooms even though I water regularly and have fertilized and added some liquid seaweed to the soil.



Bexar County TX 3 months ago

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