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live oak girdling pest

At our ranch in Bee County between Skidmore and Tynan our established (30+ years old) live oak trees are being damaged by something that bores under the bark and girdles the limb causing it to die and break off. It has spread between trees. What could it be and can it be controlled or eradicated?

Ellen Wundt


Bee County TX over 4 years ago

Vegetation for a Pond Clay Berm

I recently cleared husache overgrowth from a shallow (3 foot) one acre pond which was built with a clay berm around it. Well water is pumped into the pond; there is no natural drainage. Much of the berm is now bare and I'm wondering what grass seed to plant on the berm which is about 8 to 12 feet wide and 4 feet high.Pond is located on an 80 acre partially cleared ranch with a wildlife exemption located about 10 miles north northeast of Beevile, Tx.



Bee County TX over 6 years ago

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