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Pecan tree

The pecan tree has these "mushroom" like growths at about 5-6' high on it and also at the base. The tree appears to be alive but very little foliage present. There are other pecan trees around this one, but this tree is the only one affected. The tree is in town and next to a house.


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Baylor County Texas over 3 years ago


what kind of snake is this.? in west texas.



Baylor County Texas over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

Can you identify this plant?


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Baylor County Texas plant identification horticulture about 3 years ago

Red Oak

can you tell me what would cause the leaves to turn like this



Baylor County Texas over 3 years ago

burr oak

Will this burr oak survive? Leaves are all dry and curling.



Baylor County Texas trees and shrubs tree health horticulture about 4 years ago

Identify bug

this has many legs. can be squished between fingers. blood suckers. is coming inside house. says it is fast, but does not fly. can you id and tell us what to use to get rid of.



Baylor County Texas entomology insect identification over 3 years ago

brown rot resistant peach varieties

I have a small home peach orchard and had brown rot problems last year. what brown rot resistant peach varieties would you recommend and what fungicide and treatment would be recommended?


Baylor County Texas peach trees variety selection almost 4 years ago

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