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Can you identify this insect?

I discovered this tiny little colorful creature on our lantana -- that seems to be his plant of choice, and I believe he's responsible for the small holes in some of the leaves. He looks like a member of the grasshopper family but I can't find him on the internet. He's between 1/4 and 1/2" long with a black body w/white stripes (which look yellow in sunlight) and red legs. Attached is a photo I took. Thanks!



Bastrop County TX about 7 years ago

Weed B Gone

I have a severe invasion of what I believe are lavender aster weeds that took over my Bermuda lawn at the end of last summer. I think that this may be hard to recover from. I was online the other day and was taken aback when I saw many references to using Roundup to broadcast spray a dormant Bermuda lawn and it indicated that it wouldn't harm the Bermuda as long as it was totally dormant...This sounds like a great way to alleviate my problem, but wanted to get some professional feedback first. I live in McDade,TX and my Bermuda is fully dormant due to the the very cold weather so far this year. Thanks in advance for any info you can offer. Mark M


Bastrop County TX over 6 years ago

Unidentified plants

I have lived at the same location for 26 years and have 2 plants pop up that I am unable to identify. Can you help? Thank you in advance.


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Bastrop County TX almost 7 years ago

Yard shrubs/bushes/plants

We have an enclosed yard around house. Dogs in yard with various wild birds, bunnies and squirrels. Outside of fence we have horses, wild animals and cats, that at times make it into yard . Question: what is safe, and texas durable, to plant???? Please help!


Bastrop County TX about 5 years ago


Been having these in the kitchen I think they are a type of mite, they dont seem to fly or jump but they get on my clothing whenever I'm in a certain area of the kitchen. I have seen them on the counter and curtain in the same area but they always seem to get on me so fast and are so small


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Bastrop County TX about 1 year ago

Clover in orchard lanes

I have a small orchard and want to plant subterranean clover in the lanes. The soil is typical West Bastrop county mud and tests completely deficient for Nitrogen and Phosphorus and very low in Potassium using an inexpensive soil test kit. I've read not to fertilize clover until after first leaf appears but am concerned this is for "normal" soil. What fertilizer protocol would you recommend?


Bastrop County TX almost 5 years ago

Sharpshooter Insect Control

How do you kill these pesky little insects?


Bastrop County TX almost 6 years ago

looking for IDs

Can you tell me what these two plants are? We are in the Austin, Texas area.


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Bastrop County TX almost 4 years ago

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