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best vegetables for spring garden in Bandera

Is there a list of vegetables for the garden that do well in our climate?

Bandera County Texas over 7 years ago

Edible Mushrooms?

My name is Mike Normile and I live 32mi NW of San Antonio in Pipe Creek Texas on Medina Lake. On 12/4 I found 6 mushrooms growing in a shady area near my shed under a live oak tree, most of them in clumps of 2. The ground is a loose leafy pile with extremely dark soil and what looks like a layer of white ash in the soil. The largest is 3" has white gills is fairly flat the smallest is 1". I have several pictures of the largest including a "spidery" looking root system. I love to cook (and eat) and would love to eat Texas wild mushrooms. Can you please direct me to the appropriate department as I don't trust anyone but the A&M professionals, thank you in advance, sincerely...


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Bandera County Texas over 4 years ago

bull castration age

Is 17 months too old to castrate a bull we want to eventually send to be butchered? Castration was attempted earlier but was not successful. Baling twine was used, and the bull is now bloody. Instructions on proper techniques would be appreciated.


Bandera County Texas almost 7 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

This was in my backyard, just wondering what kind of spider it is?



Bandera County Texas over 2 years ago

What is this vine and is it poisonous?

This vine is growing in my yard. Can you tell me what it is and if it is poisonous. I have searched the web and I can't find anything like it.

The leaves have three tips which are rounded. some of the leaves are as big as my hand, about 5-6" across.

Thank you for your help.


Vine_july_2015_300x300%2523 Vine_july_2015a_300x300%2523

Bandera County Texas almost 5 years ago

tan colored mat on dying apple tree (see photo)

See photo
Tan colored mat (fungus?) on trunk of tree.
Wood became brittle and large branches broke off.
I have been fighting bitter rot.
What is it and will it spread?
Tree is gone, but do I need to treat neighboring trees?



Bandera County Texas about 5 years ago

what is it?

this just popped up in my compost pile (see pictures), do you know what it is?it started out looking like a watermelon but now it looks like a pumpkin.


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Bandera County Texas almost 7 years ago

Is the tree alive

I am the mayor of Bandera, Texas and recently we had a fire in a huge oak tree in our city park. WE want to find out f the tree is alive or dead before we do something else with it -like have it carved into an animal or something in the park.


Bandera County Texas over 3 years ago

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