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Pecan Leaf Tea

Dear Sir/Madam, I have tried to do research on whether or not tea made from pecan leaves is toxic to humans but I have not found a credible source for an answer. I have searched for other nut and fruit tree leaves used for tea but again no credible answer. Has A&M done any kinds of studies or research on the topic or do you have an answer from another credible source? Respectfully, Antonio Garza


Atascosa County Texas almost 7 years ago

What type of tree or shrub is this?

Wouldo like to be able to identify this tree so I can decide if it should be kept.
Thank you


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Atascosa County Texas about 4 years ago

Help us identify wasp(?)

We found 3 huge nests on our property - all less than 300 meters of each other. We think they are wasps' nests, but have never seen them that large. AND the wasp(?) itself is so small [picture included]. Since it has been under 40 degrees, there is little movement, hence why my Husband was able to hold one. His hand is large, but the wasp(?) is about a 1/2 inch long. Can you help identify and how to exterminate them? Would like to know while the temperature is still cold for them. Thank-you, Sandra Shodeen [outside Lytle, Texas]


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Atascosa County Texas over 6 years ago

What to do if Blister Beetle makes contact with you

My name is Robert, and I work at a coal mine in south Texas. The blister beetles are abundant here. In the event of someone makes contact with the beetle, what is the appropriate first aid?. Yes, this has happened to a few employees recently. They did blister, and had minor pain for a few days.


Atascosa County Texas almost 5 years ago

What is a good shade grass for sandy soil just south of San Antonio.

Dense shaded yard. Sand. Would like to plant seed. Otherwise what type of pallet grass would you recommend? Several grass farms in the area ($$$?). Small area 30x 30 where a septic line was replaced.


Atascosa County Texas almost 6 years ago

Turffalo grass

I llive in Pleasanton and our soil is sandy. I am trying to fill a lot with grass and planted Native Bermuda last year but it is not filling in as quickly as I had hoped. I cannot put down more seed because I put Amaze down in an attempt to keep the Sandburs from germinating. I thought that Turffalo grass plugs might be a good choice since they have germinated and would not be affected by the Amaze. What are your thoughts on this or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.


Atascosa County Texas about 6 years ago

Tomato plant problem

I'm trying to determine what may be living in my garden soil. For the second year in a row I have planted tomatoes and after they get up and going, the leaves become stunted and curled. The plants will bloom & may even set fruit, but the blooms are often very small and the fruit doesn't always reach ripe stage. There are very small nodules along the base of the stems on most of the plants, but not all of them. This condition affects all of my tomato plants, regardless of variety. This year I have at least 4 different varieties planted. I've included photographs of some of my plants in hopes that you can help me with the problem.


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Atascosa County Texas about 6 years ago

Guinea fowl egg heat needs.

I have a guinea hen that has been laying on around 30 eggs in a nest. Yesterday one of the eggs hatched. Today she and the chick have left the nest and have running around most of the day with the other Guineas. I am curious as to the heat need of the remaining eggs, and if she will return to this nest to incubate the remaining 20 something eggs. Currently air temperatures are in the 90's with heat index in the 100s so I'm not sure if that means the nest can last until nighttime with the guinea returning to it or not or do you even thing she will return to the nest?

Thank you,


Atascosa County Texas almost 3 years ago

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