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Can you ID this?

Looking for the name of this vine found in Port Aransas TX


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Aransas County Texas plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

Deformed Key Lime Fruit

I live in Rockport, Tx. Have a Key Lime Tree in the front yard that has been producing wonderful fruit for the last 3 years. I harvested over 2,000 limes last year. This year it bloomed and produced fruit as it has in the past but approx. 15% of the fruit look like the ones in the attached photo. They do not get as large as some of the others and the inside does not seem to be fully affected (pictures attached). There are no worms or bugs in the fruit and it tastes like the other limes. Can you tell me what this is and if it needs treatment.


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Aransas County Texas over 2 years ago

Moy Grande Perennial Hibiscus

The "Moy Grande" perennial hibiscus is listed as a Texas Super Star plant, however, I am having a very difficult time locating a source for this plant. I saw this plant in bloom at the "McLennan County Master Gardens Trailside Gardens" (Waco) this past week-end and now I would like to have several of the plants for my yard in Rockport, Texas. Not any of the retail nurseries in Rockport or Corpus Christi carry the plants. I would appreciated assistance in locating a source for this beautiful plant.


Aransas County Texas horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

Italian cypress tree care and trimming

I have Italian Cypress Trees which are branching off from the main trunk of the tree. Should these additional branches be removed at their early stages or left to continue as a major part of the tree? Thank you. Phil Scardino.


Aransas County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture about 5 years ago

Plant Inventory and Management

My name is Ann Smith and I am the Propagation Chairman for the Aransas/San Patrcio MG Association in Rockport Texas. We propagate 3,000-4,500 plants annually for our semi-annual plants sales, and are in desperate need of a Plant Inventory/Management System to help us streamline our production and inventory. Prior to developing our own system, I thought there might be another association that has solved this very time consuming issue, and is willing to share their methods/software. Any help on this matter would truly be appreciated.


Aransas County Texas about 2 years ago

Plant to identify

What is this plant? It was not planted. It just showed up in this planter. It's located in Rockport Texas. Pic was taken April 15, 2016. Thank you.



Aransas County Texas about 3 years ago

when to transplant conifers?

The previous owners planted four conifers of various kinds in the front yard. The house is too small for such large trees so I'd like to move them to the east side of my property. When is the best time to do this?


Aransas County Texas almost 6 years ago

trimming pecan trees

i have an old pecan tree that has rotten spots where it has been trimmed before.Should the should the rotten holes be plugged with something? Should trimmed branches be painted with something? What is the right time of year to trim?


Aransas County Texas over 2 years ago

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