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what is renewable agriculture

what is renewable agriculture


Angelina County Texas horticulture almost 4 years ago


What makes my cucumbers bitter. Large ones or small. I tried to pull them when they were small and they were still bitter. They had plenty of water. I've tried different kinds. We live in Angelina county on the north side .


Angelina County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

Some type of aloe, or succulent plant? Need a name.

It's growing rapidly.


Angelina County Texas plant identification over 3 years ago

When to prune knockout roses in East Texas

We live in Lufkin and planted knockout roses last year. They have done well, but I understand that they need to be pruned. I am not a rose gardener, hence the choice of knockouts. In this area when would be the best time to prune, and what is the best method?


Angelina County Texas roses roses pruning horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

Pecans and Squirrels

We live in Lufkin, Texas. We have one pecan tree which the squirrels clean every year. Please tell us how to control the squirrels. Thanks

Virginia Hutson


Angelina County Texas wildlife damage management over 5 years ago

Sudden death of Morris Plum

We harvested a large crop of Morris plums in June. In fact, best harvest ever from this 5 year old tree. A short trip was planned and all fruit trees were water the day before we left, August 9. All fruit trees have 5 gallon water buckets buried in the drip line to water deeply and feed. We returned on Monday afternoon. That afternoon we had an inch and one half of rain. Tuesday we were inspecting the fence line and looking at trees. The same Morris plum appeared dead upon further inspection leaves are dried and dropping off! I trimmed a limb and the inside is still yellow and healthy looking. The tree next to it is turning yellow. What could have happened in 5 days?


Angelina County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

tecoma bells of fire

i have dark brown powdery growth on the bush. can you tell me what it is and how to treat it?



Angelina County Texas horticulture about 5 years ago

Is this poison

what kind of snake is this Is it a baby. Could there be more in our home.


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Angelina County Texas snakes elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri texas rat snake about 4 years ago

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