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Private applicators training session

When is the next private applicators training session in Anderson County?


Anderson County TX pesticide safety almost 4 years ago

Trying to find out what this is

I have several patches of this growing and would like to know what it is.



Anderson County TX almost 3 years ago

Pruning tree limbs

What is correct way to prune lower limbs on nut tell oak tree


Anderson County TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Putting out common bermuda seed

I have a good crop of bihaya grass in my 5-acre sandy, acidic front yard that I don't water. I live in the piney woods, Palestine. TX. Was thinking about killing the unwanted grass, and sowing common bermuda seed. How and when should I do it, or do u have a better solution? I mow with a 6-ft brush hog mower with sharp blades.


Anderson County TX lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

non producing apple trees

I have two healthy apple trees that were planted in 2007. Neither have ever produced fruit (I figure lack of cold weather until this last winter). They both bloom, but at different times. Can I graft them to produce blooms at the same time so they can pollenate each other?


Anderson County TX trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables apples horticulture about 5 years ago


Looking for a pesticide that can be applied to pastures, preferably one that can be used on a pasture that is being grazed and has a residual for killing the grasshoppers.


Anderson County TX integrated pest management insect issues pesticide safety almost 6 years ago

Prepackaged seeds.

I found some veggie seeds that are apparently several years open still in the original never opened package. Will they still grow if I plant them now or do they have a 'shelf life'.

I attended the seminar yesterday in Palestine and it was extremely interesting...would like to attend more..


Anderson County TX gardening horticulture about 5 years ago

Purple Martins vs. Bluebirds

Why are my purple martins attacking my bluebirds and trying to get into the bluebird houses? Are the martins looking for more nesting areas, or are they batteling with the bluebirds? The bluebirds are defending their houses.


Anderson County TX wildlife damage management birds about 4 years ago

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