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We’ve tried lots of things. What’s the definitive way to get rid of Crabgrass once and for all?

Boulder County Colorado 3 months ago

Chemical free lawn and open space care

I am going to present a proposal to our HOA to encourage a natural approach to open area maintenance, ideally pesticide and herbicide fre. We are promoting a bee, bird and butterfly friendly community. I have three questions
1. what is the realistic alternative to traditional chemical weed and pest control for large grass and shrub/tree areas managed by our HOA
2. Is anyone else doing this
]3. Are there educational materials I can use for my presentation, and also to distribute to the 75 homes in our community Thank you very much

Boulder County Colorado 10 months ago

preservation of tulip & daffodil bulbs dug up in spring while in bloom

Last weekend I had to dig up my bulb garden full of over 200 blooming tulips & remaining flowering daffodils. How should I deal with them at this point, making sure they receive the nutrients they need since they are no longer in the ground but still have all their leaves, when should I plant them - now or in fall, and how should I store them in the mean time? Thank you. Deb

Boulder County Colorado

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Boulder County Colorado about 1 year ago

Microclover lawns

Would it be advisable to overseed my blue grass lawn with microclover seeds? I've seen micro clover lawns in other parts of the US that were very nice. I don't anticipate having to use weed killer in this area but I wonder if there are other issues to consider. I understand that a clover lawn requires less fertilizer and also doesn't have high water needs.
I live near Boulder Co.
Thank you, Steve.

Boulder County Colorado over 1 year ago

Protecting Peaches from Critters

Hi! I have a peach tree which had grown in a friend's yard, from the friend's peach tree, several years ago. It was around 12-18 inches tall. It is now higher than my house! For the first tiime, it has peaches on it (around 20). How do I protect them while they ripen, from squirrels, birds, etc, so I can let them ripen on the tree?

Boulder County Colorado almost 2 years ago

Follow up on "twisty" plants

This was your response to my question:

Hello there,

This is quite interesting! Often times when we see some type of plant deformation like this, it is due to exposure to chemicals or herbicides. This can even happen if you are using the herbicide or chemical in an area not directly near the plant, but then the wind or water moves it to other plants you didn't intend to spray. Could that be a possibility?

If you could let us know, that would be a start. It could have been a treatment to your lawn, or possibly a neighbor treating their yard and it blew over into yours. Thank you.

Also, though you might find this article interesting...

Avatar_placeholder_01 Boulder county M.

I found these plants on the greenbelt. The Town of Superior sprayed in the spring for invasive Canadian Thistle (If I remember correctly) It must have been a windy day, because I am no where near this particular greenbelt. I also resubmitted my twisty Joe Pye Weed. Maybe Joe Pye and Sunflowers are particularly susceptible to the chemicals they used, since they were the ones most affected.

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Boulder County Colorado almost 2 years ago

Growing western wheatgrass

I have a small field of Western Wheatgrass (Pascopyrum smithii) that I planted in my backyard, varieties Mandan and Rosanna. By now it is well established, and has been growing for about 5 years. In contrast to other stands of Western Wheatgrass I see around Boulder county, for example the field in front of the NCAR Mesa lab in Boulder city, a very small number of the stalks have seed heads on them. i have attached a photo. I have experimented with watering this field in some years twice a week, some years not at all but have it doesn't appear to make a difference. The grass seems quite healty, and its is dense (a problem perhaps?) Can you explain why I have so few seed heads?


Boulder County Colorado about 2 years ago

Weed ID

Please help me to identify this weed. It is aggressively spreading throughout a clients landscape in a mulch bed. The residence is in Louisville.

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Boulder County Colorado about 3 years ago

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