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Lawn Question

I have an area of my lawn that some of the grass looks like it is dying in a cross hatch pattern. I have attached a photo of the lawn. I would like to know what may be causing this problem. What can I do to correct it? I raked out the dead grass. It seems to be spreading. Is this a fungus or pest that is causing the problem?

Thank you,

Norm Lende

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Arapahoe County Colorado 4 months ago

Controlling insects in my pumpkin patch

I am growing giant pumpkins for my 2nd year and have many tiny flying insects in the patch this summer. I caught these 2 and attached some photos. There is another one that is a green florescent color, and similar very small size, Note that the photo of the leaf has the leaf sort of dried out since I picked it this morning. I think the holes are from bugs. Area is well fenced, so shouldn't be critters.
What should I use to control the insects and protect my plants.? Thank you.

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Arapahoe County Colorado about 1 year ago

Tiny bugs in the bathroom

Hello, I have these tiny bugs in our bathroom in Denver, Colorado. Thanks to your website I was able to identify them as “Duff Miilipedes.”
Thank you for your clear and excellent information!

Arapahoe County Colorado over 1 year ago

Elm tree pest identification

never mind, I stumbled upon what I think is infesting my tree...elm leaf miners. I don't see an obvious way to delete this question

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Arapahoe County Colorado over 1 year ago

lawn deterioration.

Lawn has extensive bare spots covering half of existing front lawn. teated with diatomaceous earth, Compost Nature's Yield, Natural Guard Soil Activator,Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Seed Grass Bluegrass mix in March/April, with minimal good results. Lots of beige blades in rest of grass.
Entire lawn very bumpy.
Up until two seasons ago, lawn was doing fairly well and being serviced by same landscaper person.

Arapahoe County Colorado almost 2 years ago

What type of moth?

This moth was on my screen door, in Aurora, CO, this early morning, 03June2018. Will it harm my small garden plot? What is it's scientific names? Is it common or uncommon to our area?

Arapahoe County Colorado over 2 years ago

Insect control

My South facing lawn is under attack by insects. I bought Diazinon which says to apply it differently for surface bugs than for underground insects. Do I need to know for sure or can I apply it in the morning and then water it in in the evening? I don't want to make a mis-diagnosis. Thank you.
Robert Hansberger

Arapahoe County Colorado about 3 years ago

47 year old juniper with browning branches

This juniper has shown a little browning since last fall, but in the last couple of weeks it has advanced--in area and brown color. On two sides there is a fairly big split or crack in the bark--not new. Don't see any critters anywhere or any small holes in the bark watered 3x / week by sprinkler system. No Roundup used anywhere near, fertilized only by lawn fertilizer. . My question is "what can I do to save this tree?"

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Arapahoe County Colorado over 3 years ago

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