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Fire-blight or Over-watering?? - Apple Trees & Blackberries

I have two young apple trees which were just planted a couple of weekends ago. Prior to planting, their leaves were green and looked completely normal. We planted and carefully followed planting instructions, digging large hole (water basin), adding compost, top soil, mixed with native soil, and were sure to leave root bulb 1'' above ground level. Added a little mulch. We also planted new, perfectly healthy blackberry bushes. We then got lots of crazy weather--tons of rain, and a little bit of hail, and lots of wind.

I have attached photos of our applies trees and blackberry bushes. As you can see, the leaves are brown and curling, especially on the apple trees. The apple tree leaves have holes in them in certain spots, and some of the branches appear to have curled over/dropped a bit. Our neighbors planted over 30 fruit trees two springs ago, and every single one died! Everyone out here on the north eastern plains seems to struggle to keep trees alive. We are on the border of Adams and Weld county, about 25 miles north of Strasburg.

I need help to determine what is wrong with my apple trees, and I'd also like to find out how we can go about having our soil tested by the extension.

Thank you for your help!

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Adams County CO 6 months ago

What to feed the tree?

there is no sprinkler system where I live and I think the rain tree of Colorado needs some norishment. What can I feed them?

Adams County CO about 1 year ago

Plant Identification & management

I would like to find out what the name of this plant is. It seems like some type of sage but mostly lies close to the ground. It is taking over my horse pasture and I need to know the best way to mitigate it.

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Adams County CO over 1 year ago

what type of bug is this? They are all over my basement.

Please let me know if I need to upload more pictures.

Thank You

Adams County CO over 1 year ago

Newly planted spruce Dying and Growing What?

My newly planted blue spruce has new growth but yet is getting more and more brown needles. What should I do?

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Adams County CO over 3 years ago

What kind of snake is this? It was seen in Commerce City Colorado.

I've attached a pic of it. Thank you. Also, is it venomous or not and is it native to Colorado? Thank you.


Adams County CO over 3 years ago

Alcohol urinalisis for probayion

I consumed 2 cans of Miller with my lunch on Jan 24 On Jan 25 I have a mandatory urine test for probation my p.o.called and said I tested positive for alcohol how is that possible


Adams County CO almost 2 years ago

Security Deposit-getting it back if a lease was never signed

I paid a "security deposit" of $1635, before signing a lease. In the receipt I received they titled the receipt Administration Fee & Security Deposit. On this receipt it states " If the application is approved and the applicant fails to sign a lease or take occupancy of the premises on the agreed date, management may retain the good faith deposit as liquidated damages for the amount of rent lost and any expenses incurred due to the cancellation" My question-Is there any way I can get this deposit back? I still don't have a lease to sign or a corrected move in date. Security deposit and good faith deposit are two different things in my mind. Thank you for any comments!


Adams County CO over 2 years ago

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