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I am trying to identify the problem with my tomato plants to determine if...

I am trying to identify the problem with my tomato plants to determine if they are salvageable, and the appropriate treatment, if any. The plants receive full sun and are watered daily, unless it rains. The weather has been hot and humid. The fruit produced appears to have blossom end rot, but I do not have a picture to share.



Union County SD about 6 years ago


Hi I'm an 8th grade student in Beresford middle school and I'm trying to research for a project that will eliminate waste/ shorten our carbon footprint. Our questions are: How do you keep us wanted animals out of the bins? What kind of foods can you not compost? How do you tell when the compost is complete? Are there any things besides food that can be composted? What size do you recommend for the compost bin? Thanks!


Union County SD over 3 years ago

Cover crop between hops

I am wondering what people are growing between the rows of hops. Thinking of a cover + nitrogen fixer.


Union County SD over 3 years ago

vine bugs ex cucumber and zucchini

hello. i am wondering if you happen to know what a person can use to get rid of the black vine bugs. I can look at the plant one day and not 24 hours later the plant is dead. for example: it is squash, cucumbers and zucchini that is mostly happens to. any help in this matter would much appreciated!! Thanks Sharlene Peterson


Union County SD over 4 years ago

Tree ID Q2

Please help me ID this type of tree.

Thank You!


Tree_id_q_2_i_300x300%2523 Tree_id_q_2_ii_300x300%2523

Union County SD over 4 years ago

Pines turning brown

We have 4 big pines starting to have brown needles. One of the pines has all brown needles. Pines have been around many years. Looks like the woodpeckers have been eating borers or something. I didn't see any other discoloring and wondering if it's too late to check for spider mites. They are in a great area with good drainage higher up than rest of lawn. Any ideal? Thanks!


Acorn_crt_1_300x300%2523 Acorn_crt_2_300x300%2523 Acorn_crt_3_300x300%2523

Union County SD over 4 years ago

striped gopher eradication

How do I get rid of striped gophers around my garden?


Union County SD over 5 years ago

Tree ID

I have a client interested in ordering this type of tree, found in Sioux City IA. From this photo, could you tell what kind it is? This is the only picture I've been given. Thank You!



Union County SD about 3 years ago

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