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Plant identification

Do you know what this plant is? What control should I use?



Turner County South Dakota about 4 years ago

Moving plants inside

I have some beautiful poinsettias, gerber daisies, hibiscus tree, geraniums that I plant in the ground in the spring and bring them back inside in the fall. They always lose all their leaves and are sickly all winter but I keep them alive. Pictured is one of my poinsettias that is huge! How do I move this (and others) into a pot and make the transition indoors so it stays beautiful?



Turner County South Dakota over 2 years ago

Will grass come up?

After last summer's drought, there are large brown patches in lawns where no grass has come up. These tend to be in the unsheltered areas with constant sun during the day. Is there a possibility that it may still come up? Do you have any recommendations on what should be done? We have had more than 3 inches of rain the past few weeks, and other grass has already come up.


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Turner County South Dakota about 7 years ago

Lilac bushes

I have some tall bushes about 12 feet, appear to be quite old. Many of the branches are dead and only a few of the very tall branches bloom in spring. I was trying to trim the dead branches but are so very many of them, I was wondering if they would survive if I cut them back to 3-4 feet tall. If this would work, when should it be done? They are in a difficult area to pull out and dispose of and I do enjoy them still. Thank you!


Turner County South Dakota almost 7 years ago

What is wrong with this cucumber leaf?

A client brought in this cucumber leaf this morning and wondered what was going on with it. He grows his cucumbers on a trellis and waters them at the bottom of the plant. Is there something he can treat it with?


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Turner County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Can I grow a rose bush from a cutting?

I have a single rose stem. The rose is dead, but there is a bud on the stem that is growing leaves on it. I have the stem in water, and wondered if I could somehow plant or cut the piece that is growing, whether it would grow into a rose bush.


Turner County South Dakota about 5 years ago

fungus application

I had a problem with leaf diseases on my cucumbers, beans, peppers, squash and tomatoes. At the hardware store, I picked up Infuse, with the active ingredient of propiconazole at 1.55%. It was applied at two and one-half tablespoons per gallon. This was applied with a hand sprayer. This was done about 4 PM June 28th. After studying the label, I became concerned that this was off label. I have some beginning fruiting on these plants. Are they okay to harvest, should we delay harvest for a specific time, or is the garden a total loss? Sincerely, Jody Luke


Turner County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Why are jars breaking in hot water bath?

A client called in who is making pickles using a hot water bath canner. She is using Ball and Kerr jars. She is boiling them for 15 minutes. She has made 2 batches and one jar in each batch has broken on the bottom. Any idea of what the problem might be?


Turner County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

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