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cover crop in garden

Last fall I was frustrated with all the bindweed and mallow growing in my garden along with an array of annual weeds that we brought in when we built our garden 3 years ago using well rotten cow manure piled up at a farm down the road. I had access to winter wheat seed so late last fall when the farmers were planting winter wheat in the fields, I planted most of my garden to winter wheat also. I have a wonderful crop of winter wheat this spring. My question is, do I need to kill it and till it in or can I leave it? I was hoping to no-till the garden this year in hopes of keeping the weeds (especially perennial weeds) controlled. My plan was to carefully cut rows through the winter wheat for seeding but leave the wheat growing to compete with the weeds (mow it to reduce water usage). Is this a good idea or do I need to re-think this whole cover crop idea? Any suggestions? Thanks, Pam Evenson


Spink County South Dakota almost 5 years ago

Weed spraying

I have been spraying broad leaves for years and a few times I have been asked by customers that in late September when I spray, how come the weeds stand straight up and down? Shouldn't they wilt or is standing straight up and down normal? Thank you


Spink County South Dakota weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

weed control

How late in the fall can spraying for weed control be sprayed in lawns (dandelions, creeping jenny, etc) using 2-4D, October, November?


Spink County South Dakota lawns and turf over 4 years ago

Clover Control

I have clovers in my lawn,, I am wondering if I can get control with 2-4D or 2-4d Banvel mix? Thank you


Spink County South Dakota horticulture over 3 years ago

Chicken manure as tree fertilizer

I recently purchased chicks that I will grow for laying eggs. In their pen I use pine chips. I’m wondering if I can use the pine chip and chicken manure mix as fertilizer around my 4 year old apple trees. Can I dump the pine/manure mix directly around the trees as a mulch/fertilizer without going through a composting routine?


Spink County South Dakota almost 2 years ago

Growing Karl Forester Grass in containers

Hello! I have found myself with extra Karl Forester Grass and would like to grow it in containers. How can I keep these alive through the winter? I could move them inside, and have both heated and unheated buildings available. When should they be trimmed back? Should it be watered through the winter? How deep must my containers/soil be? I typically use crushed cans in the bottom of my pots so I don't need so much potting soil, and to make the containers lighter, but perhaps a perennial grass needs more soil to establish its roots. I would be interested in any information about growing perennials in containers, but specifically Karl Forester grass at this time. Thank you for your advice!


Spink County South Dakota over 2 years ago

Apple maggots

Hello, I am quite certain that our apple tree is prone to apple maggots. I have traps to put out to catch the flies, but could you recommend a time to do so this year? Thank you for your assistance! Sara Peterson


Spink County South Dakota 8 months ago

pre emergent for crabgrass control in lawns

What kind of pre emergent chemical would be best used and when can it be applied for crabgrass control in lawns?


Spink County South Dakota lawns and turf weed issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

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