Shannon County, South Dakota

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Freeze-Drying Food

Are there any Extension handouts or factsheets related to the new home freeze-dryers and food safety related to the use of this new equipment?

I understand that some of the new equipment is expensive but have been asked to do an educational training this fall on our Indian reservation related to this technology as the community has purchased one of these units to be utilized by their local gardeners. Just needing help to prepare a training on this topic.

Leslie Rae Henry

Extension Director

Oglala Lakota College


Shannon County SD almost 2 years ago

new construction infested with small red ants

We just built and must have been on a nest, we have sprayed around the foundation and are still getting ants in the house. Is there another product to use or action we can try. I don't like sharing my new home with the pests. We have no children in the house but do have 2 cats/


Shannon County SD over 4 years ago

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