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Brown leaves on cottonwoods

Why do a lot of the cottonwoods have brown leaves?


Potter County SD almost 5 years ago

Fertlizer for flower beds

My perennial flower bed needs a little facelift! do you have any suggestions for a fertilizer, or any help for it?? thank you!


Potter County SD over 3 years ago

Sick Dalia

I have two dahlias 2 feet apart one looks fine and one is all wilting, what's wrong with the one?


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Potter County SD about 4 years ago

garden pests

something is eating the leaves of my raspberries and roses. The leaves are eaten to a skeletal look. I have tried spraying my roses as I do every year. Doesn' seem to be helping much this year. I am afraid to spray raspberries since they are food bearing plant. I have inspected the leaves and find nothing I can see with my eyes.


Potter County SD almost 5 years ago

How can I destroy grease ants?

For the past three years I have been battling "grease" ants. Whether they are true grease ants, I don't know. They love greasy stuff. I have tried many options. Now I am trying peanut butter mixed with borax in hopes it will destroy the whole colony. What are your suggestions?


Potter County SD almost 5 years ago

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