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Summer asparagus

I’ve had asparagus spears show up periodically in late summer. Can these be harvested without any detriment to long term plant health? As you probably know spears are cold sensitive and I find them also easily damaged by hail.


Pennington County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

I have hundreds of big plants in my yard and groundcovers all over and I use...

I have hundreds of big plants in my yard and groundcovers all over and I use a lot of compost and try to be organic. I have a lot of earthworms. Is it allright to use an organic liquid fertilizer as a root drench in the spring and fall for my fertilization program rather than a powdered organic fertilizer that needs to be scratched in the soil around each perennial plant, shrub, or tree?


Pennington County South Dakota over 5 years ago

Shriveled blossoms on gladiola

Gladiola grew normally until blossom time when the buds began to shrivel. Is the problem in the bulbs or in the soil? Solution? Thank you.


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Pennington County South Dakota almost 2 years ago

Planting proximity of boxelder maple to sewer lines

We just purchased a maple and are wondering how close ro the sewer line we can plant.


Pennington County South Dakota about 3 years ago


Will summercrisp pear trre and ure pear tree cross pollinate?


Pennington County South Dakota almost 5 years ago

What is this plant?

My boss has this plant in our office and none of us know what it is...please help



Pennington County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Worms in my Raspberries

I am finding 1/4" white tiny worms in many of my raspberries. I have started picking them as they start to ripen in hopes that the worms will not be a problem when they are ripe. I don't know how they have been infested. Do you know what what is causing this? Is it due to our weather this season? If it's cultural, is there anything I can do to prevent this another season. I have been throwing overripe berries with worms on the ground. Is this ok or is this a bad practice. I have Fall Gold growing next to my red berries and it doesn't seem that the worms are a problem with them. Will freezing the berries kill the worms and make them edible? If I eat fresh berries and happen to get a worm, can they cause problems?


Pennington County South Dakota almost 6 years ago

Perennials, shrubs and grasses getting spots and then die

Started with yellow spots on daylily leaves then whole plant became yellow and leaves soft. Moved to mums and yarrow which have died. English ivy has brown spots on leaves and half of plant is dead. Half of the Karl Forester grass is brown Neither of these plants got soft leaves before they died. Leaves turned brown.and then died. Disease has just showed up on a Hydranga shrub. Homeowner used Preen in front and back yard in Spring. Only front yard has disease. I'm an MG and would like a second opinion. My guess is it is some kind of virus.


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Pennington County South Dakota 12 months ago

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