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Animal tooth

Hey! I found this tooth mixed in with some shells I bought from an estate sale. Im guessing it came from the ocean because its been tossed around and smoothed over it looks old as well. . If someone maybe knows what it is the tooth of I would love to know!


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Yolo County California about 3 years ago

Podocarpus leaves turning yellow and falling

My 5 Podocarpus trees were all planted 13 years ago, but grew at different rates. Suddenly they are all turning yellow and dropping leaves. Have not been feeding these (obviously). Our subdivision is on gravel, from an ancient shift in Cache Creek’s location. Prime gravel quarry land but prior owners refused to sell to them


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Yolo County California 6 months ago

Berry berry

What type of tree/berry is this?


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Yolo County California about 4 years ago

What plant is this?

I have this plant growing as a weed in my yard and I would like to know what it is. It has small light orange flowers this time of year.


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Yolo County California over 4 years ago

A Chandler Walnut, planted as sapling 3-4 years ago, is not budding as of end...

A Chandler Walnut, planted as sapling 3-4 years ago, is not budding as of end of May. It has produced walnuts last 2 years. I am wondering if it needs a certain amount of cold during the winter, to sprout in spring? Thank you.



Yolo County California over 6 years ago

trees in a sandbox

I planted 4 fruitless pear trees a few weeks ago. then we decided to make this area a sand box. I have a drip system for the trees setup, but will the tree die by having 4" of sand on the ground? If this will be a problem, what can I do to allow these trees to stay in the sandbox area?


Yolo County California about 6 years ago

Mystery Tree

This beauty poped up last year. Any thoughts?


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Yolo County California about 4 years ago

Parent education on promoting physical activity

I am looking for curricula that are suitable for parent education classes related to encouraging physical activity in young children. The target population is immigrant Mexican-origin parents of children ages 3-8 yrs. We are offerring evening classes with the parents. Teachers have already received SPARK training and tools in the schools. Thus, we are looking for a parent component.


Yolo County California over 7 years ago

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