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Spruce tree decline?

I have 3 spruce trees in landscape near each other. One is turning a lighter more yellow color and others are nice and green. I held a white paper underneath and hit branch. Some little bugs fell out. Not sure if spider mites or not. Few pine cones are turning a different color as well. Are does get some sprinkler water. Any suggestions?


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Minnehaha County SD almost 4 years ago

Locust tree dying back

Here are some pictures of our locust tree that appears to be dying back also. The crabapple tree and the locust tree are maybe 30 ft from each other. Please advise as to what we can do to save our trees. Thanks, Grace


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Minnehaha County SD almost 5 years ago

Lawn having a midlife crisis - needs facelift to look 20 not 50!

I have about 10 acres of lawn that I need to spray for dandelions, crab grass and thistles. I live in southeast South Dakota. There are also apple trees, lilacs, maples, and evergreens on the property too. The only animals are wild rabbits and a herd of about 30 deer that pass through at dusk. What is the best and most cost effective product to spray on the lawn to get rid of these intruders and make the lawn look healthy? Can I apply it now? Where can I purchase it?


Minnehaha County SD about 7 years ago

What insect is attacking my hydrangea tree?

I have a new 'Strawberry Sundae; hydrangea tree. Some insect has burrowed two holes in the trunk by the crotch of the tree. It is not a very big space, and I am worried that it might kill the tree. What is this insect, and how do it get rid of it? is there a systemic solution?


Minnehaha County SD over 4 years ago

rooting apple trees

I have one Honeycrisp tree in my yard. It hasn't been very productive but I assume it is because I haven't pruned it well over the years. I've started to do that now. This year I'm trying an experiment, I harvested some of the cuttings from this apple tree and I am trying to root them. Of the 18 cuttings, about 14 are leafing out at the top...so I assume they will root (at least they are not dieing at the moment). But, I've been reading about apple trees and understand that many varieties are grafted onto hardy rootstock. By the look of my existing tree, I don't see a grafting union on the trunk of the tree. My concern is whether the cuttings from this tree, and if successful, the roots of these cuttings, will be worth it? Will the new trees be hardy enough for this zone? Is it possible that honeycrisp trees aren't grafted onto hardier rootstock and these cuttings, with roots, will be hardy enough for South Dakota?



Minnehaha County SD about 3 years ago

How do I get rid of a garder snake

I have a garder snake that likes my front garden - by my front door. A friend said maybe there is a nest since I have had a snake in the yard for the past 3 years. Is there anything I can do to get rid of snakes. I can't find a nest but to be honest, I don't want to do much digging by my front door. Thank you for your help.


Minnehaha County SD about 5 years ago

Ash tree problem

Here is a picture of one of our ash trees. The growth is on the lower trunk of the tree. Please advise as to what this is and as to what/how we can treat the tree with. The tree is fairly healthy looking, but does have several dead branches within the tree that we have been pruning each year. Thanks, Grace


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Minnehaha County SD almost 5 years ago


I dumped a gallon of dill pickles with the vinegar pickle juice onto my compost pile that is about 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. Afterwards I thought I should not have done that. It has rained about 2 inches since that time. Usually we remove the compost from the bottom of this pile to the garden before we plant - will this sour or ruin the compost pile. Since vinegar kills weeds and growing plants will this ruin my garden if I use it?


Minnehaha County SD about 5 years ago

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