Meade County, South Dakota

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Lime for my lawn

General recommendations tell us to put lime in our lawn if I have a dog. I live in the Black Hills, on a mountain of limestone. Should I lime my yard, it sounds like pellets work better to apply, and take 2 years to work into the ground. Also, instructions say it's not good for dogs, my dog is outside a lot.


Meade County South Dakota 7 months ago

Voles in my yard

I have voles burrowing through my lawn. How do I get rid of them? I tried mouse traps with peanut butter, and caught something in each trap, but think they were squirrels that I caught. They tore the traps up, so I don't think I caught voles. Again, how can I get rid of voles in my yard?


Meade County South Dakota voles about 5 years ago

Small ladybug type bugs with green/gold fluorescent heads

What are these small fluorescent bugs chewing holes in my morning glory leaves? They are a little smaller than a ladybug, not quite as round, and are a light orange with small brownish spots. The head area is bright green or gold fluorescent in sunlight. I found one yesterday, and two today. Are they harmful?


Meade County South Dakota 4 months ago


We planted several Blue Star Junipers in our yard last year. They were identified as being deer resistant, so I assumed the rabbits wouldn't bother them either. Wrong! Every one of them have been eaten completely off. What is their chance of survival? (The shrubs, not the rabbits - I already know what their chances are!) Thanks for your help, Donna


Meade County South Dakota trees and shrubs animal damage rabbit damage over 3 years ago

any important tips to adding new chickens to your current flock?

any important tips to adding new chickens to your current flock?


Meade County South Dakota poultry over 4 years ago

? emerald ash borer bug

My ash tree appears to be dead. On the trunk of the tree it looks like the tail end of a bug sticking out of it. When I pulled it out there is about an inch hole into the tree. Is that sound like an emerald ash borer?


Meade County South Dakota trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Mold on apple tree

What is this stuff on the underside of the branches on my apple tree? The branch is dead now. How should I treat it? Is it contagious


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Meade County South Dakota about 4 years ago

Lawn weed spray residue in compost

If grass clippings from a lawn treated with weed control spray are put into my compost bin will the herbacide affect the finished compost? It usually takes about a year for the compost to be finished. Thank you.


Meade County South Dakota over 1 year ago

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